When it comes to good sources on cutting edge research, academic journals are a great place to start.  At UCI, one needn't venture far to find them as the School of Social Sciences is currently serving as host to some of the top - and oldest - journals in the social and behavioral sciences:

International Journal of Comparative Sociology
Editor: David Smith, Sociology Professor

Established in 1960, the International Journal of Comparative Sociology features interdisciplinary research findings in sociology as well as political science, geography, economics, anthropology, and business sciences. The bi-monthly publication came under the co-editorship of David Smith in July 2010 and in January 2011, Smith took the reigns as full editor.

Philosophy of Science
Editor: Jeff Barrett, Logic and Philosophy of Science Professor

Philosophy of Science has been the official journal of the Philosophy of Science Association since 1934. Published five times each year, the top journal began to call UC Irvine home in July 2009 when Jeff Barrett, logic and philosophy of science professor, took the reigns as editor for a five year term.

Other journals, while not hosted within the School of Social sciences, have as their editors several faculty from the school.  They include:

Economics of Governance
Co-editor: Amihai Glazer, Economics Professor

Economics of Governance focuses on research of the many levels of governance, including corporations, non-profit organizations, local and federal governments, and international organizations. Since 1997, Amihai Glazer, economics professor, has served as the quarterly publication's co-editor.

Socio-Economic Review
Co-editor: Nina Bandelj, Sociology Assistant Professor 

Originating in the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Socio-Economic Review (SER) focuses on the analytical, political and moral questions arising at the intersection between economy and society.  Nina Bandelj is one of the quarterly publication's six current co-editors. 

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