Basketball Team in the NCAA
 Hope, promise, and pride were felt by all Anteaters, young and old, as we cheered on our men’s basketball team in the NCAA tournament this year.

from the DEAN

Bill Maurer
Professor, Anthropology & Law

Bill Maurer, Dean
 Bill Maurer, Dean

Hope. When I read the stories in this edition of Be Bold, a feeling of promise, of infinite hope shines through. You can feel it brimming in the stories of our first-gen mold breakers - like Crystal Ho, Truong Nhat Vu Xe, Monique Kelly, and Aditi Mayer - for whom a UCI degree is only the beginning.

It burns brightly in our stories on Global Connect, the Olive Tree Initiative, UCDC, and the Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Healing Ambassador Program – programs purposely designed to bring global awareness and understanding to UCI and beyond.

It’s inherent in our research features on maverick faculty like Sara Mednick who’s exploring the role of women in - and as subjects of - science.

And it radiates in the countless stories of alumni like Jeff Stout, Shannon Eusey, Jennifer Hill, Chris Lee, Keely Hanson, Dana Ballout, Catherine Griffin, Paula Tomei, and Keely Boyd (to name a few) who are boldly making their mark by creating positive change for others.

With so many horrendous acts of hate filling our daily feeds, stories of hope are something we can all use a little more of. In darkness, let there be light.

Fiat lux and enjoy the read. 

Bill Maurer


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