This award recognizes an outstanding graduate paper in the School of Social Sciences(open to Social Sciences graduate students only). Papers should represent the student's own original research; they cannot be co-authored with fellow students or faculty. Past prize-winning papers were exceptionally well-written, well-organized, properly documented and theoretically and conceptually sound. The writer must demonstrate knowledge of the current, relevant literature in the field of the research.

Award Amount: $500

Past Recipients

2017: Percy Mistry (Cognitive Sciences) “A Cognitive-Econometric Framework for Structural Modeling of Consumption Behavior”

2016: Michael Sacks (Economics) “Public and Club Goods When Private Costs Have Negative Externalities.”

2015: Patricia Rodda (Political Science) "Decision-Making Processes and Asylum Claims in the European Union: An Empirical Analysis of Refugee Characteristics and Asylum Application Outcomes."

2014: Dana Moss (Sociology) "Repression, Response, and Contained Escalation Under 'Leberalized' Authoritarianism in Jordan."

2013: Mark Berlin (Political Science) "Why (not) Arrest? Third-Party State (Non)compliance with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda" and Benjamin Feintzeig (Logic and Philosophy of Science) "Hidden Variables and Commutativity in Quantum Mechanics"

2012: Cailin O’Connor (Logic & Philosophy of Science) “The Evolution of Vagueness” and Beijie Tang (Political Science) “Path to Internationalization: The Political Logic of Chinese Sovereignty”

2011: Zack Almquist (Sociology)

2010: Fatima Z. Rahman (Political Science) and Jonathan Cook (Honorable Mention)

2009: Elliot Wagner

2008: James D. Bachmeier

2007: Kathy H. Rim


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