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Anteaters, in a word

Soc sci graduating seniors pick one word to describe their soon-to-be alma mater

How do you sum up four of the most pivotal years of your life in a single word? It’s not easy, but in true anteater fashion, a few of our graduating seniors rose to the challenge. Whether they were most inspired by their professors, the friends they made or the extracurricular opportunities they were offered, each student sang nothing but praises for UCI and their experience. Meet some of our accomplished degree candidates here and take note—we’re bound to see great things from them in the future. More...


2015 Order of Merit recipients

Honor recognizes top 2% of soc sci undergrads for academics, leadership and service

One award, two deserving winners

2015 Caesar Sereseres award goes to two accomplished undergrads

UCI rising star

Poli sci alumnus honored at Democratic Party convention

Daring to dream

Grad student compares opportunities and mobility of undocumented youth

Latina educators

Chicano/Latino studies prof pursues research on a topic dear to her heart

Political science study co-authored by UCI debunks idea of public opinion backlash

Findings offer encouragement to marginalized groups seeking societal change

Undergraduate excellence

Alumni Excellence recipient answers questions about her college career, influencers and unexpected interests

Cobian receives Macy award

Chicano/Latino studies senior turns cultural identity into academic focus

Outstanding service

Grad student recognized for service to the UCI community

Courses for culture

School of Social Sciences introduces certificate program to encourage cultural awareness

It's not a 'stream' of consciousness

Hickok explains in New York Times op-ed

UCI study sheds new light on low-light vision, could aid people with retinal deficits

Brain handles day- and nighttime optical signals the same, reacts quickly to loss of input

A Sunny outlook

Decorated international studies student chosen to speak at 2015 social sciences commencement ceremony


Soc sci undergrad earns international education scholarship

Lambert Prize winners

Distinguished grads awarded paper prize

Politics of disability

Grad student studies the political behavior of Americans with disabilities

Good morning YouTube!

What's magical about the mundane? Mimi Ito explains the growing "Morning Routine" trend

Why market forces will overwhelm a higher minimum wage

Neumark gives details in Los Angeles Times op-ed


How do human brains function?

Donald Hoffman explains on PBS series Closer to Truth

Advice from outgoing anteaters

Soc sci graduating seniors reflect on their UCI experience

Why not us?

Felipe Hernandez, '13 political science and music performance, on being a first-generation college student


School of Social Sciences Commencement I
June 12

In Discussion with Lawrence Wright
June 1, 2015

Understanding and Applying the Group Analysis Model
June 4, 2015

Pi01 classes and the Foundations of Mathematics
June 4, 2015

Celebrating the Life of Jack Peltason
June 5, 2015

School of Social Sciences Commencement II
June 12

Romanell Lecture I: The Dream Argument
June 8, 2015

Models Don't Decompose that Way: A Holistic View of Idealization
June 9, 2015

Romanell Lecture II: The Argument from Illusion
June 10, 2015

Romanell Lecture III: The Cure and Beyond
June 12, 2015

Graduate Hooding Ceremony
June 13

School of Social Sciences Commencement Ceremony I
June 12, 2015

School of Social Sciences Commencement Ceremony II
June 12, 2015

Graduate Hooding Ceremony
June 13, 2015

in the media

Tesler on race & the NFL
The Washington Post

Meyer on May Day rallies
AP, CBS, NBC, Fox, The Guardian

Smiles help attract new friends
Campos, Psych Central

Does race matter in NFL rosters?
Tesler, The Washington Post

May Day rallies broaden to address police brutality, race
Meyer, Associated Press, CBS Los Angeles, NBC New York, Fox News Latino, The Guardian

Q&A: A positive stereotype both helps and harms Asian-American students
Lee, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Immigration at front of 2016 presidential race
DeSipio, Arizona Republic, USA Today

Saving 30 minutes on your I-405 commute? Not necessarily, say traffic experts
Roth, Orange County Register

Are positive people more attractive?
Campos, AHC Health ENews

O.C.'s proposed 'Lexus Lanes' may see more Toyotas
Roth, OC Register

Smile helps form and maintain relations: Study
Campos, The Express Tribune (Pakistan, partnered with The International New York Times)

It's not a 'stream' of consciousness
Hickok, The New York Times

Smile! It helps you build and nurture relationships
Campos, The Economic Times, India Today, Hong Kong Herald

Garden Grove mayor wants Vietnamese communists to enact democratic reforms
Nguyen, OC Weekly

Campos on smiling :)
Psych Central

Lee on positive stereotypes
Chronicle of Higher Ed

Friendships start better with a smile
Campos, Medical Xpress

To make new friends, simply smile
Campos, UPI

Big data: The interdisciplinary vortex
Lee, Information Week

Is raising the minimum wage really the best policy?
Neumark, KCRW

Claims of anti-Asian discrimination at Harvard reveal a long, complicated fight over affirmative action
Lee, Yahoo! News

Los Angeles becomes latest US city to favor $15 minimum wage
Neumark, The New York Times, CBS, Yahoo! News, The Dallas Morning News, Star Tribune

Could Marco Rubio's friendship with Florida billionaire become an election distraction?
DeSipio, Fox News Latino

There are better - but harder - solutions than raising minimum wage (op-ed)
Neumark, Las Vegas Sun

2015's most diverse cities in America
Brown, Wallethub

Sanchez v. Harris: California rivals for Senate seat reflect demographic milestone
DeSipio, Fox News Latino

AM Alert: Jerry Brown unveils revised California budget proposal
Beckmann, The Sacramento Bee

Why market forces will overwhelm a higher minimum wage
Neumark, Los Angeles Times

Roth on your commute
Orange County Register

DeSipio on immigration & the election
USA Today

Is she or isn't she? Rep. Loretta Sanchez to make 'significant political announcement' Thursday
DeSipio, Southern California Public Radio

When wage hike proponents stifle debate, public policy suffers
Neumark, Newsworks

Study sheds new light on low-light vision, could aid people with retinal deficits
Brewer, Medical Xpress

A cure for color blindness that isn't just monkey business
Jameson, Newsweek

AUDIO: In Baltimore, neighborhoods come together across cultural lines
Lee, PRI, Cincinnati Public Radio

AUDIO: The Slants frontman fights government to register his band's name
Lee, National Public Radio, KPBS, WFSU, 88.5 WFDD, Net Television

Why older workers shave years off their resumes
Button, Market Watch

Chaos via control: Regulations, enforcement create risk in the complex and rigid markets
Weatherall, Forbes

California's newest political force: undocumented immigrants (Front page)
Chavez, Orange County Register

Teens without smartphones encounter a new digital divide
Ito, The Conversation, The Washington Post

Black-Asian tensions in Baltimore: A misleading distraction
Lee, CNN, CBS 2

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