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Super dada

Bobby Barzi, economics '94, is showcasing the importance of fatherhood through his clothing company - Fodada - that gives back

Bobby Barzi isn't ashamed to admit that he sometimes finds himself singing along to Justin Bieber - one of his kids' favorites - in the car. Sometimes even when his kids aren't around. "I guess that’s how you know you're comfortable with yourself," he jokes.

The economics alumnus, entrepreneur, and father of two - Pierce, 7 and Royce, 4 - relishes these lighthearted moments; singing along with teen pop stars wasn't always his M.O. According to Barzi, becoming a dad changed his whole life for the better. But it also allowed him to notice that not all dads were as naturally open to those changes. That's why in 2012 he founded Fodada, a global for-profit business that's dedicated to fostering the invaluable relationship between father and child. Even the company's name reflects that fatherly dedication - it was inspired by Barzi's older son who, as a toddler, would bring his dad little toys and trinkets with the announcement, "fo' dada." As a clothing company, Fodada creates everyday clothing for men, women, and children in addition to partnering with corporations for purposeful custom productions. But instead of pocketing all the profits, Barzi - known around the office as Chief Dada - has made it his mission to host events and activities for families around the globe that cultivate a community of like-minded dads.



First of the first

UCI's top freshman is ready to start her second year with a bang, but the Aeberhard award-winner and future lobbyist has already made quite an impact on the Anteater community

UCI's promise

New programs guide a changing student population to success

Giving new meaning to 'Eater Nation

Southern California's gourmet food truck scene includes at least six UCI alumni entrepreneurs

Mentors matter

Study highlights importance mentors have on lives of racial and ethnic minority college students

Foster care children at much greater risk of physical, mental health problems

Large-scale study co-authored by UCI sociologist is first of its kind

Children of immigrants have higher educational expectations than native-born peers

Study by UCI sociologist is the International Migration Review's featured fall article

School-to-prison pipeline misses major point

New book by UCI anthropologist details increased police presence, construction of prison-like schools and evisceration of curriculum as culprits in California's expanding rate of incarceration

Influence of Asian American and Pacific Islander voters grows

National survey projects overwhelming support for Clinton among Asian American electorate

Unconventional instruction

Innovative teachers shake up traditional lectures by using real-world props, improv and new media to engage students and improve learning

Alumni update: Vishaal Melwani '07, international studies

His Combatant Gentlemen clothing line is talk of Forbes, TechCrunch

Pedagogical Fellows named

Six grad students from soc sci among this year's distinguished cohort

Children's benefit

Help a child this holiday season - donate!

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Parents are spending way more time with kids, study finds
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Moral judgments distort perceptions of risk to a child
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Parents spending more time with kids than in 1960: Study
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Moms tend to be less happy (and way more stressed) with parenthood than dads, says new study
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Hillary Clinton is a 68-year-old woman. And plenty of people hate her for it.
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Parents spending more time with kids than in 1960s
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