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Against the grain

Poli sci alumna works against the odds - and the advice of others - to forge a successful career in journalism

Tiara Chiaramonte, poli sci '10, has always had strong opinions.

The UCI graduate, who now spends her days (and often nights) creating video content and graphics for The Huffington Post, was even voted 'Most Opinionated' in her Yorba Linda high school's graduating class.

"I was always politically active in high school," she says. "I wrote for the school newspaper, I was in the debate program, I started the Model United Nations club at my high school, and I was always involved in current events and politics really early on. I was super Goth and I hated the establishment - I was kind of a weird kid."

Weird though she may have felt, Chiaramonte's steadfast approach to life's various social issues made her quite the student, and an excellent candidate for any college she had her heart set on. The problem was, her longtime dream to study journalism was somewhat squashed when the industry took a downward turn in the early 2000s. Instead, her parents nudged her toward law school. More...


Exploring the abyss

Latest novel by Neal Shusterman, '85 drama and psych, was inspired by his teen son's struggle with mental illness

Experimental economics

Co-directors of UCI's ESSL are using technology to teach and test economic principles and potential policies

From beads to bitcoin

The way people pay for stuff is changing, UCI experts say. Will paper money become passé?

Earnings, emotional understanding and gender

UCI economists study how well males and females understand emotions when paid

Expert On: Race and politics

UCI political science assistant professor Michael Tesler breaks down the 2016 presidential primaries, notes that "everything in politics has become more about race - most importantly, party identification"

Understanding the economy

UCI economist uses laboratory experiments to study monetary policy

Three from soc sci named UCI Lauds and Laurels recipients

John Sommerhauser, Dana Moss and Geoffrey Pyatt among those to be recognized May 12

Outstanding Teaching Awards

2016 honors go to Murphy, Casavantes-Bradford, Glazer and Cohen

Dean's Distinguished Lecture - Mohamed El-Erian on the global economy (video)

Did you miss out on the live event? View the video here

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in the media

Talking philosophy: War and peace (audio)

Simone Chambers, political science professor on the challenges of war and peace, CBC Radio

A minimum wage hike is the wrong fix (op-ed)

Economics professor David Neumark breaks it down in LA Times op-ed

6 things you need to know about Côte d'Ivoire in the wake of Sunday's attack (op-ed)

Political science grad student Carrie Reiling explains, courtesy of The Washington Post

How political science helps explain the rise of Trump: Most voters aren't ideologues (op-ed)

Michael Tesler, political science assistant professor, gives background in this Washington Post op-ed

Silicon Valley fears European backlash after Congress limits visa waiver program

Nikki Tavasoli, economics graduate student, in the Los Angeles Times

Psychology's replication crisis sparks new debate

Joachim Vandekerckhove, cognitive sciences assistant professor, explains, courtesy of Science News

Minimum wage boost will hit poor areas hardest
Neumark, Orange County Register

California inequality act
Neumark, The Wall Street Journal

California's $15/hr wage could help workers, cost jobs
Neumark, Associated Press, The New York Times, CNBC, U.S. News & World Report, CBS, ABC News, and The Boston Globe

The latest: Economists eye California minimum wage proposal
Neumark, ABC News

$15-an-hour minimum wage in California? Plan has some worried
Neumark, The New York Times

Older women are being forced out of the workforce
Neumark, Harvard Business Review

Indonesia shift on gays tests climate of tolerance
Boellstorff, The Wall Street Journal

California moves toward $15-an-hour minimum wage
Neumark, Morningstar

Mobile money platforms key for greater social ties - study
Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, Business Daily (Africa)

The fight for $15 an hour minimum wage begins
Neumark, Orange County Register and Bloomberg

Do you have super-vision? Up to half of women may be able to see enhanced rainbow - but most don't even know it

Talking philosophy: War and peace (Audio)
Chambers, CBC Radio

Iowa Poll results overlook consequences of wage hike (Letter to the Editor)
Neumark, The Des Moines Register

President Obama can't have his ice cream and eat it too
Neumark, Newsday and Inside Sources

How the Ontario airport could bring more jobs to the Inland Empire
Brueckner, The Sun

Oscars Asian joke: Her mom was horrified when Chris Rock mocked her race
Lee, The Huffington Post

Charlotte's Jeremy Lin criticizes Asian-mocking skit
Lee, NYSE Post

Why don't millennials vote?
Dalton, The Washington Post

Is terrorism in West Africa the new normal?
Reiling, UN Dispatch

A minimum wage hike is the wrong fix (op-ed)
Neumark, LA Times

6 things you need to know about Côte d'Ivoire in the wake of Sunday's attack (op-ed)
Reiling, The Washington Post

Cuban Americans are divided on immigration policy
Rumbaut, Los Angeles Times

What could $15 an hour mean for rural, inland California?
Neumark, KQED

California's latest move to sabotage its low-wage workers
Neumark, National Review

How political science helps explain the rise of Trump (part 3): It's the economy, stupid (op-ed)
Tesler, The Washington Post

California could be critical to stopping Donald Trump
DeSipio, San Jose Mercury News

Psychology's replication crisis sparks new debate
Vandekerckhove, Science News

Psychology is in crisis over whether it's in crisis
Vandekerckhove, Wired

Researchers have found strong evidence that racism helps the GOP win
Tesler, The Washington Post

How political science helps explain the rise of Trump: the role of white identity and grievances (op-ed)
Tesler, The Washington Post

How political science helps explain the rise of Trump: Most voters aren't ideologues (op-ed)
Tesler, The Washington Post

Want to make housing affordable? Ditch urban growth boundaries (Opinion)
Brownstone, The Oregonian

Superhuman 'Rainbow vision' common, but untested
Jameson, Discovery News

Asian American equal pay day: Not the model minority
Lee, BlogHer

Silicon Valley fears European backlash after Congress limits visa waiver program
Tavasoli, Los Angeles Times

'I see colors you cannot perceive or imagine'
Jameson, BBC

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