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Training visual processes

Cognitive scientist Barbara Dosher receives more than $1 million to study how to optimize visual processing

Barbara Dosher, UCI Distinguished Professor of cognitive sciences, has received a $1.14 million renewal grant from the National Eye Institute - part of the National Institutes of Health - to study how human perceptual learning operates and whether training can help overcome limitations in order to improve performance. "Perceptual training has demonstrated a remarkable ability to enhance perception and perceptual judgments that are used in many of our day to day activities from the most basic of tasks such as seeing and listening to the more complex tasks and decisions based on perceptual inputs," Dosher says. "Only a small fraction of the complex, visual information in the world can be fully processed for recognition and action," she says. "The objective of the current research is to develop theoretical principles and training methods that will improve the amount and the generality of the benefits of visual training." Her long-term goal is to apply the improved methods of training tested in standard populations to improve training used in clinical applications, rehabilitation and the development of perceptual expertise.



Jumpstart celebrates its 10th annual national reading day

"Not Norman" artist does live illustration of book for Santa Ana preschoolers

Speaking from experience

Igor Bobic, UCI poli sci honors alumnus '10 and current associate politics editor at The Huffington Post, gives personal perspective on refugee debate

Mexican immigration to U.S. reverses

As more Mexicans leave the U.S. than arrive, largest wave of immigration in modern American history ends, causing major labor concerns in the U.S., says DeSipio, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Special Master offers alternative Virginia congressional maps

Poli sci prof Bernie Grofman proposes new boundaries for Virginia's first-fourth congressional districts that give African-American voters "a realistic opportunity to elect candidates of choice"

Talking philosophy: War and peace

Simone Chambers, political science professor, on the nature, the rules, and the challenges of war and peace, yesterday and today - courtesy of CBC Radio

UCI researchers to develop non-invasive, cheaper and more accurate method for mapping brain regions related to epileptic seizures, autism

Project utilizes new MEG technology based on Sagnac interferometer developed by UCI physicist

Researchers expand study on area of brain causing speech deficits in stroke victims

Renewed funding from NIH brings total to $12.1 million

Painting a more accurate picture of scientific findings

Cognitive scientist Vandekerckhove receives NSF grant to develop tool that will make the research process more accurate

Bold new brain research in neuroengineering, brain-inspired design, and individuality

NSF awards $13.1 million for 16 new studies, including a UCI-Ohio State project aimed at understanding individual differences in cognitive performance

Neumark receives AGS top mentoring award

Honor recognizes faculty member for work with graduate students

Second generation of microcredit program may be doing more harm than help

CEPP study finds that fewer restrictions leads to money being used as emergency loans, not for long-term investments

Improving health through emotional accompaniment

Anthro grad student receives three years of NSF funding for research on alternative therapy

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in the media

Telser on immigration and politics

The Washington Post and NBC News

Frank on social impacts of El Niño

LA Times

Neumark on employment discrimination

The New York Times, The Boston Globe, MarketWatch and MSN Money

The 10-point Quote of the Day
Louis DeSipio's comments on immigration reform picked as The Wall Street Journal quote of the day

Beyond the cash nexus
Maurer, Inside Higher Ed

Proposed congressional district boundaries would put Forbes, Scott on unfamiliar turf
Grofman, The Virginian Pilot

Particular grasp gives various Virginia Congressional maps
Grofman, The Standard Times

'I could hear the baby cry. They killed my baby ... yet I couldn't do a thing': The countless tragedies of China's one-child policy
Wang Feng, South China Morning Post

Vacations, groceries, hotels: Supervisor Todd Spitzer's spending from obscure fund raises questions
Petracca, Orange County Register

Why China's super-rich are now eager to invest in philanthropy
Solinger, The Guardian

Age discrimination in the job market may hurt women more
Neumark, FiveThirtyEight Economics

Fake cover letters expose discrimination against disabled
Neumark, The New York Times, The Boston Globe

Illinois issues: The racial achievement gap
Lee, NPR

Mizzou proves that Americans should not be forced into racial categories
Rumbaut, The Daily Signal

How upwardly mobile are Hispanic children? Depends how you look at it
Lee, Brookings

As age rises, American women face increasing bars to employment
Neumark, MarketWatch, MSN Money

Behind the 'model minority' myth: the Asian disadvantage
Lee, Asian Journal

Young entrepreneur wins nationals with a locket to protect from assault (Blog)
Sanchez, The Huffington Post

Umno's failure: Inability to turn Malay disadvantage to advantage
Lee, Malaysia Chronicle

Columnist sparks minimum-wage war
Neumark, Crain’s New York Business

Local college protests sparked by national conversation around race
Meyer, Southern California Public Radio

Hansen: The exotic realities of El Niño invade society
Frank, Los Angeles Times

How anti-immigrant attitudes are fueling support for Donald Trump (op-ed)
Tesler, The Washington Post

Mexican migration boom coming to an end; more moved from U.S. to Mexico than reverse
Chavez, Orange County Register

New wave of Cuban immigrants reaches U.S., but through Texas, not Florida
Galeano, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune

Trump supporters deeply wary of illegal immigration, Syrian refugees in U.S.: Polls
Tesler, NBC News

The negative effects of raising minimum wage in America
Neumark, Money Q&A

Birth rates among Latinas at an all-time low, as their prosperity continues to grow
Bean, Fox News

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