I typically teach two Ph.D. courses and two undergraduate courses each year. In the Ph.D., I've recently been teaching a course in the core Macroeconomics sequence, and I teach field courses in Advanced Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Time Series Econometrics, and, more occasionally, International Macroeconomics. In Advanced Macro, I have lately focused on topics that can be labeled as 'Behavioral Macroeconomics'.

At the undergraduate level, I regularly teach a writing course on Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy and a research course for honors students titled Economics Honors Colloquium; I've also taught Intermediate Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, Econometrics, and freshman seminars on economic inequality and social mobility, and on learning economics through sports.

I recently finished serving as Director of the Undergraduate Honors Program in Economics. If you are an undergraduate student thinking of applying to the program, you can find more information here. You definitely should be in the program if you plan to apply to graduate school in economics.

I'm now serving as Director of Graduate Studies for the Economics Ph.D. Program.
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  • ECON 269 - Empirical Macroeconomics (Ph.D.)
  • Field course for second and third-year Ph.D. students interested in doing research in macro, international macro, or time series econometrics.

  • ECON 190A - Economics Honors Colloquium I (undergraduate)
  • This is a research-based course for honors students. Students develop a research idea, find data, formulate an empirical strategy, and write a honors thesis by the end of the year.
Fall 2014
  • UNI STU 3 - Economic Inequality and Social Mobility (Freshman Seminar, undergraduate)
  • This is a seminar course that I teach for freshman students. We read and discuss papers on income and wealth inequality (starting from Piketty and Saez, QJE, 2003), on intergenerational mobility, on nature versus nurture's effects on children outcomes, and on the relation between economic inequality and political power.
Spring 2014
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