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The Social Dynamics and Complexity Group


The first organizing meeting of the Group in Social Dynamics and, Evolution January 13, 2004. Featuring: Bonnie Nardi, Douglas White, Robert Garfias, Benjamin Colby, Duran Bell and Donald Saari.

         Members of the Faculty


Duran Bell, Economics      

Carter T. Butts, Sociology        

B. N. Colby,    Anthropology        

Robert Garfias, Anthropology           

Bonnie Nardi, ICS      

Louis Narens, Cognitive Science


A. K Romney, Cog. Sci.   

Don Saari, Math & Econ

Brian Skyrms, Logic & Phil of Sci

David Smith, Sociology

Hal S. Stern, Statistics ICS

Douglas White, Anthropology    


   Affiliated Faculty

Pierre Baldi, ICS  

John Boyd, Anthropology     

C. ChenPsych & Soc Behav     

Katherine Faust, Sociology   

S. A. Frank, Eco &Evol Bio    

J. J. Gargus, Physio. & Biophysics  

Gloria Mark, ICS


Carmella Moore, Cog. Sci.

R. K. Moyzis, Bio Chem

Stergios Skaperdas, Economics

Tatsuya Suda, ICS

Bill Tomlinson, Informatics ICS

 P. K. Stanford, Logic & Phil of Sci

Douglas Wallace, Health Sciences


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