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Rankings roundup

Soc sci grad programs earn top 25 rankings among public universities, top 50 rankings overall

A quick look at UCI's recent rankings on a number of scales provides evidence of what many of us already knew: UCI is an up-and-coming place to be. A snapshot:

  • #1 university that does most for low-income students in terms of access, affordability and student success, The New York Times College Access Index
  • #1 university for beach lovers, Money magazine
  • #7 best public university, Money magazine
  • #7 in the nation for awarding bachelor's degrees to minority students, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
  • #9 best public university in the U.S., U.S. News & World Report
  • Top 10 "Cool School" for sustainability, Sierra magazine
  • Top 10 best value college in terms of tuition, quality and graduation success rates and post-grad earnings, Forbes
  • #16 among U.S. four year universities delivering the most value, Money magazine

Within the School of Social Sciences, graduate programs are all highly ranked. The most recent programs to be evaluated (not all program rankings are done each year) are sociology, psychology, political science and economics by U.S. News & World Report. All four earned top 25 rankings among public U.S. universities and top 50 rankings overall:

  • Sociology, 12th among public universities, 23rd overall
  • Psychology, 19th among public universities, 36th overall (administered by both the Department of Cognitive Sciences in Social Sciences and the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior in Social Ecology)
  • Political science, 24th among public universities, 45th overall
  • Economics, 24th among public universities, 47th overall

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Better together

John and Michelle Williams, soc sci's husband and wife Lauds and Laurels honorees, are helping UCI usher in a bright future

Presidential sidekick

UCI alumna recounts her time as Obama's personal assistant


Economics alumna and Lauds and Laurels winner recruits fresh faces to expand UCI's growing international community

Women's History Month: Vicki Ruiz

UCI's first National Medal of Humanities recipient

Five facts about U.S. immigration you may not know

Courtesy of UCI Chicano/Latino studies, political science and sociology professors

Women's History Month: Anita Casavantes Bradford

First gen champion and scholar

Awesome Anteater

Alumna and former UCI lecturer Lina Kreidie chosen as Fulbright Scholar

Price tag of homelessness in Orange County is nearly $300 million, UCI study finds

UCI sociologists Goldberg and Snow find that a "housing first" approach to homelessness would save OC millions of dollars a year

Divine interventions?

Poli sci Ph.D. alumna earns U.S. Institute of Peace award for dissertation on peacebuilding in faith-based organizations

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