Connor Mayer

Department of Language Science
3151 Social Science Plaza A
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA

Pronouns: he/him/his



Spring 2022: Introduction to Phonology (LSCI 10)

Winter 2022: Introduction to acoustic phonetics (LSCI 119/219)

Fall 2021: Computational skills for language science research (LSCI 202A).


Summer 2020: Computational Linguistics I (LING 185A).

Summer 2019: Computational Linguistics I (LING 185A).

Teaching Assistant


Winter 2019: Computational Linguistics I (LING 185A) with Dr. Timothy Hunter.

Spring 2018: Introduction to Linguistics (LING 20) with Dr. Carson Sch├╝tze.

Winter 2018: Experimental Phonetics (LING 104) with Dr. Patricia Keating.

Fall 2017: Introduction to General Phonetics (LING 103) with Dr. Patricia Keating.

University of British Columbia

Spring 2013: Basic algorithms and data structures (CPSC 221) with Dr. Alan Hu.

Spring 2010: Languages of the world (LING 101) with Dr. Strang Burton.

Guest lecturer

March 2021: Teaching demo (University of British Columbia)
Lecture: Introduction to vector models of semantics

March 2021: Teaching demo (University of California, Irvine)
Lecture: Introduction to vector models of semantics

Winter 2019: Computational linguistics I (LING 185A, UCLA)
Lecture: A challenge for tier-based strict locality from Uyghur backness harmony