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                   Graduate Program in

           Social Dynamics and Complexity




Graduate students apply  to the Graduate program in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences. The Group  in Social Dynamics and Complexity is developing several emphases within the program.

The Graduate Emphasis in Social Dynamics and Complexity emphases: Mathematical and statistical  modeling, network analysis, molecular anthropology, population genetics  inferences, the cultural transduction of stress, proximal effects in  coevolution, adaptive potential, content analysis.

Additionally, our general emphasis on computational and research methods can strongly prepare  graduate students for teaching and employment opportunities in both academic and applied careers.

Graduate students at UCI may satisfy the requirements, in addition to those of MBS by completing  the three-quarter Proseminar and two additional courses, with the approval of the graduate advisor.

Other emphasis under development may include disciplinary topics such as Social Dynamics, Decision Analysis and Evolutionary Game Theory and/or Social Dynamics  and Complexity