Our Impact...
We Help Prepare Children

Early Childhood Language development is one of the most important predictor of a child's future success. HABLA helps parents develop their children’s auditory comprehension and expressive communication, by showing them different ways of reading and playing with their children. These important skills promote interactive conversation that helps build a child's general language skills so that they are better able to learn once they begin school. The chart shows how children's total language skills improve as they progress through our program. A score of 100 is considered average.

The Effects Are Long Lasting

We have found that the effect our program has on the family is not limited to just the participating child and parent. The new abilities a parent learns are applied with younger and future children as well. In a study conducted to determine the long term effects of our program on the siblings of children who participated, it was determined that the siblings were actually scoring significantly higher than their older siblings when they started our program. This occurred even though the child was too young or not yet born when the program was provided to the family. This chart shows that our program has long lasting effects for the family, specifically parents as they continue using the skills they learn with their younger children.

A Gateway

Beyond providing a long term direct intervention, HABLA also provides families with important referral services and assistance with connecting our families to other resources that are available in the local community. We partner with organizations that provide families with free or low cost services ranging from medical care to housing services. We understand that early language development is a critical part of ensuring a bright educational future for each child, but know that it is not possible without an overall healthy home that provides the family with all of its needs. As a result, we know that helping families find the resources they need in other areas is critical to ensuring the family's overall health.