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  • #1 university in the U.S. under 50 - Times Higher Education (UCI)
  • #1 in Sierra Magazine's "Coolest Schools" report for sustainability (UCI)
  • #14 among nation's best public universities - US News & World Report (UCI)
  • #25 in sociology by US News & World Report


Catherine Bolzendahl
Graduate Director

Ann Hironaka
Graduate Director

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UC Irvine sociologists ask questions like:

felicianoHow are public policies determined?

What will an increasingly older population mean for our economy and way of life?

What roles do racial preferences play in dating?

How many undocumented immigrants live in the United States and what does this mean for policymakers?

Their findings go beyond conventional explanations to detail how conflict, cooperation and diversity impact our world.

Innovative research explores how employment and incarceration status can change racial perceptions, how social networks affect gang violence and emergency response to hurricane Katrina, and how social movements can impact democracies.

Faculty play leading roles in the Center for Immigration, Population & Public Policy; Center for the Study of Democracy; Center for Organizational Research; Center in Law, Society & Culture; Center for Global Peace & Conflict Studies; and Center for Demographic and Social Analysis.

More than 80 graduate students study alongside the department's 28 distinguished faculty in areas of culture; economy, organizations and labor; education; gender and family; global inequality and change; immigration; political sociology and social movements; population; race and ethnicity; and social networks.

UCI sociological research findings impact international population policy, the design and implementation of the U.S. Census, and the development of more effective communication plans for times of crisis. These findings are consistently published in the top sociological journals, one of which - International Journal of Comparative Sociology - is currently hosted at UCI under the editorship of professor David Smith, while associate professor Nina Bandelj serves as coeditor of the Socio-Economic Review.


Check us out online or call to schedule a visit. Applications for fall 2015 are currently being accepted.

pictured: (top) Catherine Bolzendahl, sociology associate professor, studies how Americans define family. (right) Cynthia Feliciano, sociology professor, studies how popular cultural portrayals may influence Internet daters' racial preferences.

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