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  • Cal State Long Beach
  • Rice University
  • Smith College
  • Swiss Academy of Sciences
  • Texas A&M
  • Unesco
  • UC Riverside
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Wisconsin


  • #1 university in the U.S. under 50 - Times Higher Education (UCI)
  • #1 in Sierra Magazine's "Coolest Schools" report for sustainability (UCI)
  • #14 among nation's best public universities - US News & World Report (UCI)
  • #8 by Center for a Public Anthropology (Anthropology)


Tom Boellstorff
Graduate Director

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UC Irvine anthropologists ask questions like:

nelms How does poverty literally make people sick? How does the Internet shape how we understand everything from space to the self? How has traditional Chinese medicine turned into a multibillion-dollar global industry? How do society and culture impact drug addiction?

Their cutting-edge research on social issues takes place around the world.

UCI anthropologists link emergent ways of thinking and living to histories of colonialism, economic interchange and mediated communication. Innovative research has taken UCI anthropologists everywhere from markets in Egypt, design studios in Sweden, the borderlands of the U.S.-Mexico, and the transnational network of Hyderabadis, to virtual worlds in cyberspace to better understand global cultures and societal norms.

UCI anthropologists have discovered a link between poverty and diabetes, answers to how and why identities that at first appear "Western" take on new forms around the world, and new ways in which communications technology remakes money.

The department ranks at the top of the field nationally, and fourth in the world in publishing findings in the top three anthropological journals.

The top-ranked graduate program includes 50+ students who study alongside the department's faculty experts in areas of gender issues; virtual worlds; immigration; science, medicine and technology; markets and finance; ethnomusicology; and transnationalism.


Check us out online or call to schedule a visit. Applications for fall 2015 are currently being accepted.

pictured: (top) Bill Maurer, professor and social sciences dean, with trillion-dollar Zimbabwean banknotes. Maurer heads the Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion which supports research on money and technology practices among the world's poorest people. (right) Taylor Nelms, graduate student, studies the political and financial practices of Ecuadorian market merchants.

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