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Joining forces

Dalai Lama Scholar Andrew Hallak leads project to leverage UCI sustainability efforts

Senior international studies major Andrew Hallak believes that concerns about environmental sustainability can unite people who typically don’t interact with each other, and as this year’s Dalai Lama Scholar at the University of California, Irvine, he hopes to build a bridge connecting them. “Here on campus, I feel like we can get stuck in silos - bioscience, engineering, social sciences - working on sustainability within our own disciplines,” Hallak says. “My Global Partners for Sustainability project is not about reinventing the wheel but bolstering what we already have here on campus, building on the groundbreaking work of the UCI Sustainability Initiative and the Global Sustainability Resource Center to fully leverage our interconnectedness.” Under UCI’s privately funded XIV Dalai Lama Endowed Scholarship program, established in 2004 after the Tibetan spiritual leader first visited the campus, up to $16,000 from UCI and Dalai Lama Fellows, a Bay Area nonprofit, is awarded annually to an undergraduate (or a duo) proposing the best “compassion in action” project. Hallak is the 15th recipient of the scholarship.



9 UCI researchers named AAAS fellows

Boellstorff and Maurer among those honored for distinguished contributions to their fields

Meyer receives lifetime achievement award

Center for the Study of Social Movements honors sociologist for research and mentoring

Patience is a virtue - for your health

Study finds delayed gratification associated with fast food frequency; may hold clues to potential interventions to improve healthy choices

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Army strong

Veteran and '13 soc sci alumnus Aaron Anderson knows how to thrive no matter what life throws his way

Zombie ideas and moral panics: Framing immigrants as criminal and cultural threats

Q and A with Ruben Rumbaut, UCI Distinguished Professor of Sociology

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Business Outlook 2017

featuring Bill Maurer, David Neumark and Stergio Skaperdas

Jan 31, 2017 | Irvine Hotel |7:30-9:30 a.m.

The UCI School of Social Sciences is teaming up with the Irvine Chamber of Commerce again this year to present the 2017 Business Outlook Breakfast. Bill Maurer, dean, will moderate a panel of esteemed economic experts, including our very own Stergios Skaperdas and David Neumark. Lucy Dunn, president and CEO of the Orange County Business Council, will round out the panel while Todd Buchholz, global economist and market expert, will deliver the keynote. Reserve your seat today and join more than 800 members of our local Irvine business community in an engaging morning discussion of the current state of our economic climate. More...

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