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All in a day's work

From running a tech company and building a robot for NASA to challenging stereotypes about Muslim women in a viral video, there's never a dull moment with social sciences alumna Layla Shaikley

As a Southern California native, Layla Shaikley ‘07 has never been one to waste free time. While an undergrad at UCI, the political science major could be found anywhere from the slopes to the surf, soaking in the outdoors when she wasn’t busy with the Associated Students or coming up with new creations for her digital arts minor. Now, nearly a decade after finishing her degree, she admits that free time is harder to come by - but that’s just fine with her.

The active Anteater has earned two graduate degrees in architecture - one from California Polytechnic University and one from MIT - in addition to completing various internships for organizations such as NASA. She’s worked as a research affiliate at MIT, co-founded TEDxBaghdad, and held a post with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme. She’s also co-founded Wise Systems - a company that helps businesses make more streamlined and efficient delivery decisions. But one of her most widely publicized ventures has been “Somewhere in America” - a video she produced and styled with the group Mipsterz, an online community of self-proclaimed Muslim ‘hipsters’ who hope to change the perception of Muslims in America.

The video, set to Jay-Z’s “Somewhere in America,” depicts stylish young Muslim women, donning hijabs while participating in various “hip” activities - skateboarding, hanging out with friends, posing for selfies, etc. Seemingly overnight it garnered international attention, inspiring media from CNN, Huffington Post, Jezebel, NPR, and others to participate in the discussion about what it means to be Muslim in the U.S. The original posting has been deleted and re-uploaded numerous times so the total view count has been lost, but to date more than 1,600 articles have been written globally to address the video. While the attention was uncomfortable at first, Shaikley is thrilled about the conversation it’s sparked.

We sat down with the multi-talented mogul to find out exactly what motivates her - and how she hopes Mipsterz will change the world. More...


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