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UCI alum Bao Nguyen is sworn in as Garden Grove’s new mayor

Bao Nguyen is to a politician what Peter the Anteater is to a college mascot – different, kind of quirky and real enough that you find yourself wanting to get to know him. The 34-year-old UCI political science alumnus took his oath of office as mayor of Garden Grove December 9 and in doing so, became the youngest known leader in the city’s history. He’s also got another one for the record books, being the first Vietnamese American mayor in a U.S. city of more than 100,000. But ask him about either and he’ll shrug them off, calling both his age and race labels. Hours before being sworn in, he explained the importance of diversity and label-less interests to a class of UCI undergraduates on California politics taught by Mark Petracca, one of Nguyen’s former professors and mentors. More...


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