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Melissa King, psychology '05, packs up her knives and competes in Bravo's popular reality television show

Anteaters are known for having sharp claws, not sharp knives, but that may change when UC Irvine alumna Melissa King joins the popular television cooking competition "Top Chef." She’s one of 16 "cheftestants" who put their culinary skills to the test in the show's 12th season filmed in Boston. More...


Presidential politics

Ambitious new leader of UCI student body relishes role as advocate for undergrads by promoting voter registration, participation

The root problem of Muslim integration in Britain is alienation

Sara Goodman, political scientist, provides perspective

Q and A, Bill Maurer, payments and currency expert, UC Irvine

Maurer on mobile wallets, bitcoin, and new approaches to money, payments

How Jordan's protest movement mattered

Dana Moss, sociology graduate student, explains in a featured Washington Post op-ed

This woman sees 100
times more colors than the average person

IMBS researcher
Kimberly Jameson studies tetrachromats

Creating sustainable
human space exploration

Valerie Olson, anthropology assistant professor, is a featured Space News panelist

november events

Lovers of Politics
November 17

Post-election roundtable with UCI electoral analysts

Global Queer Activism in Theory and Practice
3 November, 2014

The Unequal Consequences of Mass Incarceration for Children
4 November, 2014

Emerging Disease Dynamics in a Model Coupling Within-Host and Between-Host Systems
6 November, 2014

If I Give My Soul
6 November, 2014

Fare Prediction Websites and Transaction Prices
7 November, 2014

Multiracial Identification and the Politics of Race in the 21st Century
7 November, 2014

The Rise and Fall of the China Model
12 November, 2014

Emerging Conflicts
November 20

Inaugural 2014-15 Social Sciences Expert Series talk

The Institutional Origins of Elite Collusion in China Since Tiananmen
12 November, 2014

8th Annual Hot Topics Debate Series
13 November, 2014

Fair Trade Fantasies, Vietnam Gaps, and Coffee Statecraft
13 November, 2014

Unification as a Cognitive Process for Language Acquisition
13 November, 2014

Two Lessons to Remember from Sleeping Beauty
14 November, 2014

Lovers of Politics
17 November, 2014

Conflicts in the Middle East: Navigating the Narratives
17 November, 2014

From Fear to Here
November 20

Nina Smart, sociology Ph.D., author

Emerging Global Conflicts: Is the World a Mess?
20 November, 2014

From Fear to Here: Secrets, Sexuality, and Service in Sierra Leone
20 November, 2014

Take Advantage of Opportunities Abroad
20 November, 2014

Identity-Based Organizations
20 November, 2014

The Causal Structure of Evolutionary Theory
21 November, 2014

One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States
24 November, 2014

in the media

Tesler on voting and citizenship

Today's voting freakout: Noncitizens are coming to your election
Tesler, Los Angeles Times

Experts discuss potential for another World War
Solingen, The Harvard Crimson

The top 10 liberal superstitions (Opinion)
Neumark, The Wall Street Journal

Q and A, Bill Maurer, payments and currency expert, UC Irvine
Maurer, JWT Intelligence

The Fed favors guidance over bond buys (Blog)
Swanson, The Wall Street Journal

Fact checker updated: Will noncitizen voters help Dems?
Tesler, Reno Gazette-Journal

Filmmakers clash as Rouhani's agenda leaves Iranians divided
Varzi, Bloomberg, The Washington Post

What other academics think of the questionable study on non-citizen voters hyped by conservative media
Tesler, Media Matters for America

Minimum wage, maximum damage
Neumark, Washington Examiner

How Jordan's protest movement mattered
Moss, The Washington Post

Bitcoin: Does digital currency represent the future of money, or is it just a high-tech fad?
Maurer, OC Metro

Lee on Asian-American parenting

A new era of opportunity in Burma spurs a smarter search for solutions
IMTFI research, The Guardian

Holiday airfares are rising amid record airline profits
Brueckner, MSN Money

L.A. wage hikes spark fierce debate
Neumark, Los Angeles Times

The media can't let us take democratic rights for granted
Ramos, Zocalo Public Square

Holiday airfares are rising amid record airline profits
Brueckner, Los Angeles Times

In fight over minimum wage hikes, small businesses get trampled
Neumark, Heartland

Apple pay has finally arrived - great - but here are 7 reasons it won't be a slam-dunk success
Maurer, Forbes

My Turn: Minimum wage increase nothing but a job killer
Neumark, Concord Monitor Online

The woman with rainbow vision: Artist sees 100 times more colours than the average person because of genetic condition
Jameson, Mail Online

For tetrachromats, the world is 4 times more colorful
Jameson, Mother Nature Network

Can Apple Pay do to your wallet what iTunes did for music?
Maurer, MIT Technology Review

Brueckner on holiday airfare

This woman sees 100 times more colors than the average person
Jameson, Popular Science

In California governor's race, incumbent Jerry Brown chases fourth term; GOP rival seeks to rebrand party
DeSipio, Fox News Latino

Michael Saltsman: Berkeley researchers get it wrong in L.A. (Opinion)
Neumark, Orange County Register

Jeff Foust hosts 'Sustaining Human Space Exploration' discussion at the Newseum
Olson, Space News

Are Asian-American parents less likely to spank their children?
Lee, NBC News

The controversy over a virtual Hajj for Muslims
Boellstorff, Slate

When it comes to popular protest, success is measured in the long term
Su, South China Morning Post

The root problem of Muslim integration in Britain is alienation
Goodman, The Washington Post, Khilafah

Summers: US tax system is burdening working class
Neumark, Newsmax Finance

Airline stocks close down after first U.S. Ebola case confirmed
Brueckner, Los Angeles Times, Barbados News, Puerto Rico News

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