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Corporate Incentives and Nuclear Safety
February 1, 2013

20 Years After the Oslo Peace Accords: What Happened to Peace in the Middle East?
February 4, 2013

Crossing the Bridge: The Effects of Time-Varying Tolls on Curbing Congestion
February 4, 2013

Domesticating Human Rights: The Unexpected Success of the Reproductive Justice Movement
February 4, 2013

Rudy Giuliani talks leadership at UCI
February 5, 2013

R. Duncan Luce Memorial Celebration
February 5, 2013

Event Cognition in Language, Perception, and Memory
February 5, 2013

Buying Loyalty: Theory and Evidence from Physicians
February 6, 2013

The Paradoxical Origins and Racial Consequences of American's War on Immigrants
February 7, 2013

Reductionism, Naturalism, and Undecidability
February 8, 2013

Engaging Absent Fathers: Lessons from Paternity Establishment Programs
February 8, 2013

Arbitrage/Payment: A Conversation in the Anthropology of Finance
February 8, 2013

Ninth Irvine-Japan Conference on Public Policy
February 8, 2013

The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma
February 11, 2013

Orange County Legal Careers
February 12, 2013

The Effects of Poor Neonatal Health on Cognitive Development
February 12, 2013

Optimal Taxation with Volatility a Theoretical and Empirical Decomposition
February 13, 2013

Street Workout: A Collective Production of Globally Shared Bodily Techniques through Semiotic-Material Mediation
February 13, 2013

Representative Charles Porter and the Latin American Crusade for Democracy during the Cold War
February 14, 2013

Dying to Know: Are Workers Paid Their Marginal Product?
February 14, 2013

SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM Workshop 2
February 16, 2013

China's Bride Shortage and Upcoming Challenges for Elderly Men
February 21, 2013

How is the Acquisition of Raising and Control Verbs Possible?
February 21, 2013

European Financial Crisis
February 21, 2013

EXPERT SERIES: Communication and Control Using Brain Waves
February 21, 2013

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Social Sciences
in the Media

What's ahead for immigration reform?
DeSipio, Minnesota Public Radio

Senate immigration reform proposal draws mixed reactions
DeSipio, Southern California Public Radio

Olive Tree Initiative to host Israeli Dr. Gershon Baskin responsible for Israeli soldier Gilead Schalit release
Olive Tree Initiative, The Open Press

Income gap between rich and poor, black and white has grown in California
Neumark and Muz, San Francisco Business Times

Ariz. Governor Brewer offers a softer approach to illegal immigration
DeSipio, Homeland Security News Wire and Desert Sun

Letter to the business editor (Op-Ed)
Neumark and Salas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Researchers recommend core changes in education
Ito, Finchannel.com

Boeing faces battles: fixing Dreamliner and winning back fliers
Brueckner, Los Angeles Times

Warming not a partisan issue – it's physics
O'Leary, Orange County Register

Lance Dickie: Evangelicals take a seat at the table of immigration reform (Op-Ed)
Leonard, Seattle Times, The Telegraph, Anchorage Daily News, and Bellingham Herald

Resolving disputes: Lessons from conflict zones
Wehrenfennig, Chronicle of Philanthropy

Shoppers shift into gear for lunar new year
Anthropology alumni, Orange County Register

What should we be worried about in 2013?
Hoffman, KMUW 89.1 and WUWM 89.7

Hiding link between wages, job loss
Neumark and Salas, Orange County Register

Wellesley schools want every fifth-grader to have an iPad
Ito, Boston Daily - Boston Magazine

GHEI: Higher wages, lower employment
Neumark, Washington Times

Raunchy reggaeton has some seeing red in Cuba as authorities look to rein in 'vulgar' music
Fernandez, The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The Huffington Post, StarTribune.com, Orange County Register and Associated Press

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EXPERT SERIES: Communication and Control Using Brain Waves

February 21, 2013 @ 6:00 p.m.
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway, Room 1517

Join the School of Social Sciences for the second lecture in the 2012-13 Expert Speaker Series - a discussion of cognitive scientist Mike D'Zmura's research on how we may communicate and control using EEG brain waves. D'Zmura and a team of UC Irvine scientists, funded by a $4 million award from the Army Research Office, perform basic scientific research on imagined speech and intended direction.

Check out video of their research in action!

UCI-developed database provides 20-year comparison of states' economic performance

Findings show bright and trouble spots for California

According to a new study by UC Irvine economists, California has had average growth in economic output over the past 20 years, but slower overall job growth and rising poverty rates than most other states. The findings, which include additional comparisons of economic outcomes, are available in a free interactive online database at Compare50.org and point to key areas where the Golden State's economic performance comes up short, says report co-author David Neumark. "Debate about appropriate economic policies have to be based, first and foremost, on a solid foundation about the comparative economic performance of the state," says Neumark, UC Irvine economics Chancellor's Professor and Center for Economics & Public Policy director. "The Compare50 database provides policymakers, journalists and others an easy-to-use tool to do such comparisons."

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Treas is named fellow of the National Council of Family Relations

Honor recognizes research contributions

Judy Treas, sociology professor and Center for Demographic and Social Analysis director, has been named a fellow of the National Council of Family Relations. Awarded to no more than three-percent of the council's membership, the honor recognizes those who have made outstanding and enduring contributions to the field of family relations through scholarship, teaching, outreach and/or professional service. The National Council on Family Relations, founded in 1938, is the oldest, multidisciplinary, non-partisan, professional organization focused on family research, practice and education. The council currently has more than 3400 members.

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Boellstorff and Maurer named Cambridge Wyse Visiting Professors

Anthropologists spend two weeks lecturing in England

Tom Boellstorff, anthropology professor, and Bill Maurer, anthropology and law professor and Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion director, have been named Wyse Visiting Professors by the University of Cambridge. For two weeks, beginning January 19, the anthropologists are holding master's level classes and senior seminars at the campus in England on topics in digital media, society and finance. Boellstorff joined the UCI faculty in 2002 and specializes in research on digital cultures and queer studies. He is the author of Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method and Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human, past editor of American Anthropologist and current co-editor, with Maurer, of Princeton Studies in Culture and Technology. Maurer joined the UCI faculty in 1996, specializing in research on money and finance and law and culture. In addition to previously listed roles, he is associate dean of graduate studies and research in the School of Social Sciences and co-director of the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing at UCI.

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Poirier selected as visiting scholar

Economics prof will spend February in Australia speaking on topics in econometrics

Dale Poirier, UCI economics professor, has been selected to be a distinguished visiting scholar at the University of Technology, Sydney from February 5-28, 2013. He will deliver a public lecture there on econometrics and give a seminar on the topic at the Research School of Economics, Australian National University and serve as the keynote speaker at the University of Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop. Poirier joined the UCI faculty in 1999. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, American Statistical Association, and Journal of Econometrics. He currently serves as associate editor of the Journal of Econometrics and recently published a chapter in the Handbook of Bayesian Econometrics.

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Warming not a partisan issue - it's physics

An article by Kevin O'Leary, CSD visiting faculty, featured in the Orange County Register:

As Southern California shivers in record low temperatures, extreme weather ravages the globe. Australia melts in another summer of blistering heat and fires, Britain endures near-biblical rains and floods, China freezes in its bitterest winter in 30 years and snow blankets Jerusalem. Climate change is not just about heat; it's about more frequent and intense weather gyrations. In the United States, 2012 was the hottest year in recorded history with the farm belt drought, killer tornados and Superstorm Sandy costing tens of billions of dollars. On the Mississippi River, the water level is so low that the Army Corps of Engineers may have to halt the cargo barges that move millions of tons of cargo annually. What would Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer say about Ol' Man River drying up? Unfortunately, it is only going to get worse as we roar ahead with our fossil fuel economy.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: 20 Years After the Oslo Peace Accords: What Happened to Peace in the Middle East?

February 4, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m.
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway, Room 1517

The UCI Olive Tree Initiative, Center for Citizen Peacebuilding and International Studies Public Forum invite you to hear from Gershon Baskin, former Israeli co- director and founder of Israel/Palestinian Center for Research and Information (IPCRI), a joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think tank located in Jerusalem. He was the lead initiator and person responsible for secret back channel negotiations between Israel and Hamas that successfully led to the release of Israeli abducted soldier Gilead Schalit in October 2012. Baskin's talk will focus on his role in the negotiation, the possibility of a two-state solution, and lessons learned from the failed Israeli- Palestinian peace process. His talk kicks off a planned speaker series sponsored by OTI focused on the Oslo Peace Accords.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Principled Leadership in the Face of Change and Crisis with Rudy Giuliani

February 5, 2013 @ 4:00 p.m.
UC Irvine Student Center, Crystal Cove Auditorium

As the 107th Mayor of New York City, Giuliani reduced the overall crime and murder rate to make New York City the safest large city in America, according to the FBI. Following the terrorist attacks on 9-11, he led the successful recovery of the city. He was named "Person of the Year" by Time magazine in 2001. Limited to two terms as mayor, Giuliani formed Giuliani Partners, a leader in strategic consulting, emergency preparedness and leadership. He is also a partner in the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani, an international law firm with more than 400 lawyers. In his talk, Giuliani will share excerpts from his book Leadership, which focuses on principles of leadership, inspiring excellence from one's team, developing and communicating one's strong beliefs, decision making skills and standing up to bullies. The talk is sponsored by the University of California, Irvine chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success and advance tickets are required for entry.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: R. Duncan Luce Memorial Celebration

February 5, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m.
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center

The UC Irvine School of Social Sciences invites you to attend a celebration of R. Duncan Luce, cognitive sciences and economics Distinguished Professor and National Medal of Science recipient. Luce, a pioneering mathematical psychologist at UC Irvine, died Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012 after a short illness. He was 87. He is hailed as one of the most influential figures in the social sciences.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Ninth Irvine-Japan Conference on Public Policy

February 8, 2013 @ 8:00 a.m.
Social Sciences Plaza B, Room 5206

The UC Irvine Department of Economics and Center for the Study of Democracy present the Ninth Irvine-Japan Conference on Public Policy. Conference speakers will include leading economists, sociologists and political scientists from UCI and several Japanese universities.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Orange County Legal Careers

February 12, 2013 @ 4:00 p.m.
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway, Room 1517

The UC Irvine School of Social Sciences and Orange County Diversity Task Force (OCDTF) present a panel discussion moderated and conducted by successful members of the Orange County business community on the wide variety of professional opportunities available to diverse lawyers in one of the nation's top legal markets. Q&A session included.

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SPOTLIGHT EVENT: SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM Workshop 2

February 16, 2013 @ 12:00 p.m.
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway, Room 1517

SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM is a small series of one-day workshops on topics in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic, philosophical logic, and foundations of mathematics, designed to provide a forum in which members of the southern California community with interests in these topics can meet, interact, and learn about each other's new work as well as those of the occasional external speaker. The 2012-13 series is organized and sponsored by the USC School of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC Irvine, and the Kurt Godel Society.

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