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Razing San Francisco: The 1906 Disaster as a Natural Experiment in Urban Redevelopment
October 2, 2012

Fatherhood in Institutional Context: Fathers' Time with Children in Two Parent Families
October 2, 2012

Social Sciences Welcome Reception
October 3, 2012

Reacting to Surprising Seemingly Inappropriate Results
October 3, 2012

The War Within the War for Afghanistan
October 4, 2012

Exhibit: Gold to Gigabytes: The Past, Present, and Future of Money
October 5, 2012

SoCal PhilMath + PhilLogic + FoM Workshop 1
October 6, 2012

CSD 2012 Welcome Reception
October 8, 2012

Peer Effects in Program Participation
October 9, 2012

Who is Joseph Kony…and Does Kony 2012 Matter?
October 11, 2012

Information and Planning in Saving Decisions
October 16, 2012

Party Time in Beijing: Prospect for Change after China's Leadership Transition
October 18, 2012

Beggar-Thy-Women: Domestic Responses to Foreign Bride Competition, The Case of Taiwan
October 23, 2012

Medicine and Politics
October 30, 2012

Tax Policy Endogeneity: Evidence from R&D Tax Credits
October 30, 2012

Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case For Liberty
October 31, 2012

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Social Sciences
in the Media

Con: Raising minimum wage is sure bet to create more jobless young Americans
Neumark, GazetteXtra

UCI athlete competes on 'America's Next Top Model'
Belen, OC Register

The 'Pioneer anomaly' that threatened to upend physics
Weatherall, Boston Globe

Can democracy and diversity be friends?
Lee, Zocalo Public Square

Where is a table like a tablet? In Irvine's contest entry
Maurer, OC Register

RIVERSIDE: Diversity/democracy talk ushers in series
Lee, Press-Enterprise

Aung San Suu Kyi finds common cause with Russian dissident punk rockers
Meyer, Washington Post and United Press International

The new gender gap: Poll shows Obama with 52 point lead among Latinas, 29 among Hispanic men
DeSipio, My San Antonio

Brooks helping alma mater
Brooks, Daily Pilot

Thunder Coach Scott Brooks still proud to be an Anteater
Brooks, Orange County Register

Social issues a mixed bag for Latino voters, but won't drive election, poll says
DeSipio, Fox News Latino

Set science free – A review by Donald D. Hoffman
Hoffman, Beliefnet

Legislation puts California on the electoral map
Boushey, San Carlos Patch

The case against raising minimum wage
Button, Regina Leader-Post

Can U.S. Republicans win Latinos away from the Democrats?
DeSipio, Latin American Advisor

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Welcome back, anteaters!

We missed you!

Social sciences anteaters are back on campus and we couldn't be happier! Welcome to our new in-coming freshmen and transfer students, and welcome back to all of our experienced anteaters. It's going to be a great year! Zot!

Click here for some fun video highlights from Welcome Week 2012...

Expert opinion

Maurer talks about the future of mobile money

Bill Maurer, anthropology and law professor and Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion director, has been providing expert opinion on digital payment methods to industry experts, news media and others interested in this rapidly growing sector of financial services. Originally developed as a means to provide banking and money transfer services to the poor, mobile money in the developed world offers convenience as well as a potentially unintended advertising channel through which to reach consumers, Maurer says. Watch here as he talks about the new Starbucks Square alliance and how the role of mobile money is changing.

Click here for video...

UCI athlete competes on 'America's Next Top Model'

Kiara Belen, sociology major, as featured in the OC Register September 27, 2012

As a forward on the UC Irvine women's basketball team, Kiara Belen earned a reputation as a defensive specialist, an intense player who would do whatever it took to stop an opponent from driving to the basket for a score. While the Las Vegas native swapped sneakers for stilettos earlier this year to join the cast of "America's Next Top Model: College Edition," five episodes into the season it's clear Belen never lost any of her will to win.

Read on, courtesy of the OC Register...

Up for grabs

U.S. voters are increasingly independent and undecided, says Dalton in new book

If your Election Day 2012 Presidential vote is still up for grabs, you're not alone, says political science professor Russ Dalton. "Today about 40 percent of Americans claim they are independent of either party," he says, noting a historic high across the span of modern public opinion polling. "The new independents follow politics and they will turn out to vote nearly as much as partisans. They have no loyalty to either side and they will make up their minds late in the game." In The Apartisan American, Dalton examines this new block of potentially powerful voters and why they've parted ways with traditional party politics.

Read on...

O'Connor wins 2012 Romney prize

LPS graduate student honored for paper on evolution of vagueness

Cailin O'Connor is the 2012 recipient of the A. Kimball Romney Award for Outstanding Graduate Paper, awarded for her work on the evolution of vagueness. Learn more about her research interests and up-coming publications, her road to UCI and the interesting names she and her philosopher husband chose for their family of four cats (Winston Purrchill didn't make the mix).

Read on...

UCI sociologists make their mark at ASA annual meeting

Faculty and graduate students earn awards and key leadership positions on section councils

UCI sociologists traveled to Denver in August to represent UCI at the annual American Sociological Association meeting. Between book and paper awards, election to committee council positions, and numerous research presentations, sociology faculty and graduate students represented UCI well and will continue to do so throughout the year in key section leadership positions.

Read on for a list of award winners and new ASA leaders...

The 'Pioneer anomaly' that threatened to upend physics

An article by Jim Weatherall, logic & philosophy of science assistant professor, as featured in the Boston Globe September 2, 2012

In 1972 and 1973, two unmanned spacecraft - called Pioneer 10 and 11 - were launched on missions to the outer reaches of the solar system. The probes sent beautiful images of Jupiter and Saturn back to Earth, along with exciting new data about their makeup. And then the scientists monitoring the crafts sat back and relaxed as the ships began their long, lonely journeys into deep space. Until something weird turned up in the data.

Read on, courtesy of the Boston Globe...

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Social Sciences Welcome Reception

October 3, 2012, 3:00-4:30 p.m. in SBSG 1517

Come welcome the school's new faculty members at the annual Social Sciences Welcome Reception. In total, since winter quarter, the school has added nine new professors and one lecturer with potential security of employment. Meet them in person and learn more about their exciting research.

More details...

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: The War Within the War for Afghanistan

October 4, 2012, 5:00-6:00 p.m. in SSPA 1100

Washington Post senior correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran, author of the recently published Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan, will discuss the current state and future of Afghanistan. His previous book, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, which provided a first-hand account of the troubled American effort to reconstruct Iraq, won the Overseas Press Club book award, the Ron Ridenhour Prize and Britain's Samuel Johnson Prize. It was named one of the 10 Best Books of 2007 by the New York Times. It also was a finalist for the National Book Award and the New York Public Library's Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism.

More details...

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Exhibit: Gold to Gigabytes: The Past, Present, and Future of Money

October 5, 2012 @ 5:30 p.m. in Langson Library

"Gold to Gigabytes: The Past, Present, and Future of Money" explores the anthropology of money by tracing the evolution of currency from ancient beginnings to its present state. Topics portrayed in the exhibit include the rise of credit cards and cashless transactions, the development of alternative currencies like Bitcoin, and the creation of new technologies for electronic payment and banking. The exhibit is curated by staff in the UCI Libraries and IMTFI and will be on display through April 2013 in the Langson Library Muriel Ansley Reynolds Gallery during regular library hours. The opening event features a talk by Catherine Eagleton, curator of modern money at the British Museum in London, who oversees a collection of more than 150,000 objects, including coins, paper money, tokens and credit cards from the last 300 years. In addition, there will be remarks by Bill Maurer.

More details...

SPOTLIGHT EVENT: Medicine and Politics

October 30, 2012, 7:00-9:30 p.m. in SBSG 1517

The prevention of illness and the treatment of disease in the 21st century require collaborative efforts between a variety of professionals, suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and governments. The focus should be on the person, their well-being or illness. When selfish goals enter, that focus is lost. Governments provide financial support but with controls, regulations and restrictions. Governments are not always the most qualified guides because they are not workers in the field. We know that information is abundant, but wisdom is scarce. This seminar, sponsored and hosted by the UCI Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Ethics and Morality, brings wisdom to the front. Discussants and moderators include professionals and academics from political science, medicine and law.

More details...

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