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Please check out the second and third posts in our three part-series on the moral economy of resource extraction, with its attendant violent commodification of people's lives. In post #2, CIHA Blog editorial assistant Ben Cox interviews Mohamed Tarawalley, former General of the Civil Defense Forces in Sierra Leone and founder of Action for Poverty Mitigation in the Third World (APM3) and West African Youth Agenda Against Corrupt Practices (WAYAACP), about his experiences during the recent conflict in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the state of humanitarian aid, and his collaboration with Danny Hoffman.

In post #3, Elliott Prasse-Freeman, Founding Research Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy's ''Human Rights and Social Movements Program'' at Harvard University, provides an insightful review of Danny Hoffman's book (which CIHA Blog editorial assistant, Ben Cox, discussed with Hoffman in part one of this series) and, in particular, focuses on how Hoffman's work contributes to the way we think about spatial dynamics and what Prasse-Freeman calls ''necroeconomies''.

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