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Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, University of California, Irvine

The Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) presents:

Annual Conference for Funded Researchers

September 29-30, 2010
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
UCI Student Center, Doheny Beach Conference Room

IMTFI annually funds researchers who investigate how the world's poorest people spend, save and store money, and how their habits are or could be affected by emerging technologies that provide greater access to financial services. This conference brings together IMTFI's current research cohort who will present preliminary findings on studies in 17 developing countries.

September 29
Session 1: Money and the Life-Course
Discussant: Scott Mainwaring, Intel Labs

  • Money, Conflict, and Reciprocity in Rural Families in Zambia: The Case of Female University Students - by Robert Tembo
  • Consumption Smoothening, Financial Literacy and Old Age Vulnerability: Experiences of Success and Failure with a Private Pension System in Chile - by Aldo Madariaga, Nicolas Perez, and Rodrigo Figueroa

Session 2: Getting By and Making Do: Techniques for Mitigating Financial Insecurity
Discussant: Mark Pickens, CGAP

  • Small Ruminants as a Source of Financial Security: A Case Study of Rural Women in Southwest Nigeria - by Isaac B. Oluwatayo and Titilayo Busayo Oluwatayo
  • Evaluation of Money Management Strategies Between the Urban and Rural Ultra Poor: A Study in Tamil Nadu, India - by Lakshmi Kumar
  • Post-Redenomination and Money Management Among Ghana's Urban Poor - by Edwin Clifford Mensah and Vivian Dzokoto

Session 3: The Circulation of People and Commodities
Discussant: David Pedersen, UC San Diego

  • Follow the Bean: Navigating Value Exchange and Vulnerability for Cooperative Coffee Farmers and their Stakeholders - by Melissa Cliver and Catherine Howard
  • Mobiles, Migrants, and Money: A Study of Mobility at the Haitian-Dominican Republic Border - by Heather Horst and Erin Taylor
  • Unknown Remittances of the Migrants who have Died Abroad: A Study on the Recovery and Dynamics of Usage Remittances in Bangladesh - by AKM Ahsan Ullah

Poster session with IMTFI 2009 researchers

Presentation: "Regulatory Aspects of Mobile Money in Developing Countries" by Leon Perlman, WASPA

September 30, 2010
Session 4: New Technology and New Sources of Data for the Study of Mobile Money and Branchless Banking
Discussant: Jonathan Donner, Microsoft Research India

  • The Impact of New Technologies on Social Payments: Case Study in Ethiopia - by Woldmariam Mesfin Fikre
  • Financial Inclusion in Sri Lanka: Constraints and Prospects - by Sirimevan S.S. Colombage
  • Banking on the Phone: Using Novel Sources of Data to Understand the Impact of Mobile Banking in Rwanda - by Joshua Blumenstock

Session 5: Money and Modernity in Indigenous and Marginalized Communities
Discussant: Julia Elyachar, UC Irvine

  • Financial Inclusion or Developmental Exclusion? The Carbon Credit Payment to Forest Inhabitants in Brazilian Amazon - by Shaozeng Zhang
  • Gender and Money: Case Studies from Philippine Indigenous Communities - by Mary Janet M. Arnado
  • Moni, Marginality, and Modernization in Postcolonial Papua New Guinea - by Eric K. Silverman

Session 6: The Interface of Savings and Microfinance
Discussant: Olga Morawczynski, Grameen Foundation's AppLab

  • Adapting and Extending the Use of Accumulating Savings and Credit Associations through Village Savings and Loans Association: The Case of Care International in Malawi - by Chinyamata Chipeta
  • Banking and Microfinance in Brazil - by Kurt von Mettenheim, Lauro Gonzalez, and Eduard Diniz
  • 'Democratizing Capital:' Digital Lending Networks, Mobile Technologies and Women’s Solidarity Groups in Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala - by Anke Schwittay and Paul Braund

Presentation: “The Impact of M-PESA: Results from a Panel Survey of Kenyan Households” by Billy Jack, Georgetown University

Registration is free and open to the public, but space is limited. Parking is available in the Student Center Parking Structure for $8. Lunch and dinner will be provided on day one; lunch will be provided on day two. To register, please email your meal attendance selections (Day 1-lunch, Day 1-dinner and/or Day 2-lunch) by Sept 24 to imtfi@uci.edu or call (949) 824-2284. A limited amount of exhibitor space is available, email imtfi@uci.edu with inquiries.

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