We are honored and proud to announce our support of Global Connect Scholarships in the School of Sciences. In honor of Ellen Schlosser, the scholarships will provide support for UCI students who conduct Global Connect classes at local schools.

Six years ago, Ellen created Global Connect. This academic initiative was established in response to the critical knowledge-gap of 21st Century global issues that exists in our public schools.

Led by a team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, Global Connect provides vital education to local junior high and high school students, helping them understand how people around the world are connected socially, economically and politically. The program opens the door to discuss global issues that few students have considered. It also prepares students for university study through the development of critical thinking and writing skills. More than 2500 students have become better global citizens because of the valuable program Ellen leads. We invite you to learn more about Global Connect, which is featured in the enclosed copy of the Social Sciences Journal.

If you were fortunate to have been touched by Ellen’s passion, energy and devotion while you were a student at UCI, then you know how much she has meant to thousands of students like us over the past 20 years. Recently, Ellen was recognized for her tireless efforts on behalf of UCI students and the Global Connect program with the receipt of the UCI Alumni Association’s 2007 Lauds & Laurels Outstanding Community Service Award. Please join us in thanking Ellen and honoring her by supporting Global Connect Scholarships.

Best wishes,

David Kesselman ’94
Janis (Samaripa) Rizzuto ’89


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