We are not your standard school. Like Peter, our beloved Anteater mascot, we’re quirky and different. And we aren’t afraid to break the mold in order to adapt to our increasingly interconnected world.

We live in a time where political, environmental and ethical affairs intersect with health, economic and social issues to impact – in both good and bad ways – how we live and function as a society. The challenges and opportunities brought on by these 21st century social shifts know no boundaries - they stop at no border, they aren’t limited to one discipline, and their effects will be felt well into the futures of our children and grandchildren.

That’s why we, in the UCI School of Social Sciences, believe that they must be met head on through innovative social research, world-class teaching and outreach that truly makes a difference.

For the past 50 years, we’ve been working hard toward that goal. But we realize there is still much to be done. Learn more about our guiding mission for the coming years and the attitude, aims and actions that will get us there. At the heart of our bold plan are people who aren’t afraid to forge a new path. To be boundaryless in search of solutions that create positive change in society, economies and human well-being.

If you’re someone who gets as excited as we do about these possibilities, join us in our pursuit.

Bill Maurer

 wmmaurer@uci.edu |  949.824.6802
Executive Assistant: Gianna Virgilio
 gianna@uci.edu |  949.824.6802

Michael McBride
Associate Dean
Research & Graduate Studies

 mcbride@uci.edu |  949.824.7147

Mark Petracca
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Studies

 mppetrac@uci.edu |  949.824.9010

Dave Leinen
Assistant Dean

 dleinen@uci.edu |  949.824.5446
Executive Assistant: Gianna Virgilio
 gianna@uci.edu |  949.824.6802

Division Senate Assembly

Igor KopylovEconomics
Michael TeslerPolitical Science
Tony SmithPolitical Science
Louis DesipioChicano/Latino Studies & Political Science
Jeanett CastellanosSocial Sciences

Executive Committee

Evan Schofer (chair), Sociology
Jacob AverySociology
Nina BandeljSociology
Jeanett CastellanosSocial Sciences
Amihai GlazerEconomics

Brian JenkinsEconomics
Kristen MonroePolitical Science
Mark SteyversCognitive Sciences
Roxanne VarziAnthropology

Administrative Offices

Business Office
 SSPA 5129

 SBSG 5406

Computing Services
 SSPB 1288

Dean's Office
 SBSG 5218

Development Office
 SBSG 5412

 SSPA 1185

Graduate Studies
 SST 323

Personnel/HR Office
 SBSG 5210

Undergraduate Student Affairs
 SBSG 1201

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