Nicolas Sosa

Robert Garfias



Nicolas Sosa was one of the older generation of harpists from Veracruz. He was born in a small rancho near Alvarado, Veracruz. He seems to have taught himself to play the harp. He was invited to Mexico City by the Mexican composer Geronimo Baquiero Foster, who wanted to better understand the Jarocho style. Nicolas Sosa remained in Mexico City for some years and then later returned to Verzcruz. There is little information about him. The American Jose Hellmer, who was connected to the Instituto de Bellas Artes in Mexico City made some recordings, perhaps in the late 1950s, of Nicolas Sosa playing the harp alone. Although I knew Hellmer having met him in Mexico City before doing my field work in Chiapas in 1964, it was my friend and fellow graduate student then at UCLA, the late Donn Borcherdt, who obtained copies of these recordings from Hellmer and susbsequently, I from him.They represent an older simpler form of the Veracruz Jarocho harp style and are of interest for that reason. Also Sosa plays a number of Jarocho sones that are less often played these days and so for that reason as well I have felt prompted to share these precious recordings.


1. El carpintero viejo

2. El Cocolito

3. El Cuervito

4. El Fandanguito Jarocho

5. El Trompo

6. El Zacamandu

7. La Carretera

8. La Indita

9. La Llorona Jarocha

10. La Petenera

11. La Petenera Jarocha

12. La Sausa

13. La Tarasca

14. Narajas y Limas

15. Nicolas Sosa talking

16. El Buscapie