Romaina 1977

My field recordings made in Romania during 1977


Greaca, Ilfov

In the village of Greaca, south of Bucharest and close to the Danube in the Judetz of Ilfov there was a small taraf of musicians, all locals from the village. A few were quite good. Others less so, but together the band played some music that showed strong Rom or gypsy playing style as an influence.

Some of the pieces have the kind of drive and swing of the Benny Goodman sextets of the 30s and 40s. Note in particular, Neagra, Interestingly meaning 'black' in Romanian. The piece is amazing even though the bass player seems to be following along inrhythm but with the phrases out of phase.


Hora lui Nae

Hora lui Nae (violin and cymbalom only)

Hora din Greaca


Iernut, Tirgu Mures


In this town not far from Tirgu Mures in Central Transyvania lives the famous Santi Boca whom I recorded with his nephew, playing braci, and Bogdan playing contrabass. He had a vast repertoire of the music of the region and played with an elegant and refined style. Several of these compositions show in their melodic style traces of the original bagpipe music on which they were based.


De Portat

Pirtesti, Suceava (Moldavia)

In the small town of Pirtesti de Jos, I came upon a combination of cobza and violin illustrative of the older folk style of the Suceava region.

1. Rototunda
2. Taraneasca