Old Burmese Hsaing


These are old recordings that I obtained from Burma about ten years before my own sojurn there in the mid 1970s.
The leaders of the groups, and consequently the patt waing (drum circle) players were U Han Pat and U Ba Maung. These represent a high point in the modern performance of Burmese music. Later government pressure to mdoernize, to show that Burma was up with the times encouraged the creation of music that sounded superfically more modern but lacxked the powere of these older performances.

In the photo below are Standing, left to right are the singer U Ba Khain, The future (1970s) leader of the State Ensemble, U CHit Tee, and I can't remember the name of the last musicians in that row. Seated are U han Pat and U ba Maung. I met all of these excecting U han Pat, who had died before I got to Burma in 1973.

1. Myin Gin (Music to make the Horses Dance)

2. A series of short Panama Tiloun (Opening Instrumental Pieces)

3. A Patt Waing Solo


U Ba Maung in 1974

U a Khain in 1974


U Chit Ti and is family 1974


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