Music of Venezuela


Juan Vicente Torrealba

Interpreta su Musica (Instrumental) Venevox BL-76

This is an old recording that I picked up in Venezuela in 1971. It was unusual at the time in that in featured the compositions of Juan Vicente Torreabla, all strongly rooted in the Venezuelan tradition but here played on two harps instead of one but with the usual accompaniment of cuatro and maracas. The second harp was played by the then young protege of Torrealba, Gustavo Enrique Vera. This has long been one of my favorites and not finding it anywhere currently for sale I decided to convert it to MP3 files from the original LP.

1. Andalucia

2. Sinfonia del Palmar

3. Bolero

4. Valencia

5. Sueños del Gamelotal

6. San Fernando

7. Chipolenado

8. Concierto en la Llanura

9. Tempestad en el Palmar

10. Toro Viejo

11. Barquisimeto

12. Muchacha Sabanera




Robert Garfias