Music from Albania

These are a number of old 78 rpm recordings of music from Albania that I have had in my collection for many years. I no longer have the information that appeared on the records themselves, only the tape copies. They are interesting enough that I have thought they might be worth sharing. If anyone who comes across these can identify titles of performers, I should be pleased to have this information and will add it. All the recordings are here in MP3 file format.

1. From Korça, Albania

9. Trio Zajazi - Po Të Bëj Rixha

17. From Korça, Albania

2. From Korça, Albania

10. Metelikun ta kam fal.  Sung by Nexhmije Pagarusha

18. From Korça, Albania

3.  Kur jam kan dymbhjet vjet -Trio Zajazi

11. Ã‡'aqe posht ke shtat vidhat  -Trio Zajazi


4.  Shala duel në Shkodër -Trio Zajazi

12. From Korça, Albania

20. Ku?teka Mayrusk From Korça, Albania

5. Trio Zajazi - Në bahçe na ka ra bryma

13. From Korça, Albania

21. From Korça, Albania

6. Shoke do tu them dy fjale -from Labëri, Albania

14. From Korça, Albania

22.  From Korça, Albania

7. Lucie Miloti 

15. From Korça, Albania

23. Vitori, tu befte nena From Korça, Albania

8. Unë me ty të kam dastun. Sung by Nexhmije Pagarusha

16. Ku?teka Mayrusk From Korça, Albania



Thanks to helpful information from Jane Sugarman and Mikaela Minga


Music from Epirus 

Stylistically very similar to the music of Albania in spite of the vast differences between the two languages, the music of the Northwestern region is disctinct from all other types of Greek music. Here again I have only most general indication of what these are, but a little more information than for the Albanian sides.

1. epirus-78-beratis

2. epirus-78-dance-song

3. epirus-78-miorologhia

4. epirus-78-skaros 

5. epirus-78-tsamara

6. epirus-78-tsamiko

7. epirus-78-vocal-group

8. epirus-78-vocal-group-2


Robert Garfias

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