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Philippines recordings. I am at last getting around to putting up all my Philippines field recordings made in 1966. It is slow going but I have started and now determined to get them all up and eventually, the photos as well.  Patience.

Qin recordings from the Library of Congress played by Cha Fu-hsi(查阜西 )Zha Fuxi in 1946

Burmese Hsaing Ensemble from the 1960s.   These are recordings of the state Hsaing (dong and drum) ensembles led by U Han Pat and U Ba Maung.

Old recordings of Japanese Music

Old pre World War II 78 rpm recordings of Japanese Court Music, Gagaku, and Japanese koto music. Very rare recordings.

Oldest Korean Sanjo recordings by Shim Sang-gun and other old Korean recordings

Uzbek Music. These are a number of Melodiya LPs of Uzbek music that I found around 1981. Rare and beautiful performances/

Okinawan Music I have been quite involved with Okinawan music. In vain I have waited to see some recorded examples made available here. Even on my last trip to Japan in Fall 1999, I could find little available. I am putting here some MP3s to enable more people to hear this wonderful music.

Indian Music
. Mp3s of old mostly 78s of music of India.


Slovak String Music- Music recorded on old Slovak LPs in the 80s?

Roma Music. A collection of music of the Roma (Gypsies) from various places in Europe

Romanian Music. A site containing MP3 files of several recordings of Romanian folk music

Romica Puceanu, Romanian Gypsy Singer with several MP3 files of her singing.

Albanian Music. I have just put up MP3 files of my collection of old 78s of music of Albania.


Trova Yucateca Songs of Yucatan sung by Saul Martinez and Chalin Camara

Music of Venezuela. Venezuelan harp music by Juan Vicente Torrealba from an old LP.

Nicolas Sosa One of the former famous harpists of the Veracruz Jarocho style of Mexico

Lament on the Death of Diplo A rare recording by some friends on the death of the radio and television personality, Diplo of Puerto Rico.

El Gallito De Manati. Old recordings of the great Puerto Rican Seis singer.

Manteca. Recordings of the Cuban Timbalero from an old Lp


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