Scanner comparision- Epson 4870 perfection and HP 2700S

Scan rate comparison

These are all scans from slides taken in the 1960s. The originals were each problematic due to poorlight conditions. The Epson 4870 improves them to a very great degree.


HP 2700s   Epson 4870 Perfection  
2400dpi 4800 dpi  
Tehuantepec Turtle Egg seller (1)
9600 dpi
Tehuantepec Turtle Egg seller (2)
4800 dpi
9600 dpi
My uncles and aunt in Tehuantepec


4800 dpi


This works particularly well when the original has problems of color depth, etc.


Zinacantan Musicians 4800 dpi
San Cristobal
Bala and Amir khan 9600 dpi
Amir Khan and Chatturlal

Bismillah Khan

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Robert Garfias

Nov 11.2004