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Robert Garfias


Photos From 1963 Symposium on Ethnomusicology

In 1963 at the University of Washington, a major conference was held dealing with field work and research in ethnomusicology. Attending this conference were many ofmthe leading figures in ethnomusicology at that time.

Charles Seeger

Mantle Hood

David McAllester

Alan Merriam

Nicholas England

Jose Maceda

Harry Powers

William P. Malm

Shigeo Kishibe

Willem Adriaansz

Max Harrell

David Morton

Robert Garfias

2010 Birds in Orange County

Bird pics from 2008

Photos mostly from in and around Irvine, Calfiornia but also some from Korea, Japan and Puerto Rico, all taken in 2008


During many trips to Japan from 1958 to the present (2008). I was also there in 1951 but didn't have a camera.


Bulgaria Winter 1965

Thailand and Taiwan 1999 FIXING THIS

Korea during the 1960s

During 1960 and again in 1966 I viisted Korea, the first time to do research on the surviving Korean court music, and the second time to make recordings and films of Korean traditional music. During that period Korea was strongly bound to tradition, colorful and vibrant.

Busan Korea November 2008

The Philippines
Photos from 1966 along with some of my field recordings.

Hong Kong in 1964 and 1966

My first visit to Hong Kong was in 1951. I had no camera nor did I know how to use one. I returned in 1964 and again in 1966 to find it changing, something that was even more pronouced in later visits in the 70s, 80s and 90s. These pictures I took when it still seemed very much to be a Chinese city.

University of Washington Film Sessions

This set of photos was taken of a number of year during which I was director of the graduate program in Ethnomusicology at the University of Washington.

Concert of Okinawan Dance at the Getty Center - February 27. 2001

Poland in 1981 during Solidarnoscz


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