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Burmese music in notation

Some pretty rare examples of Burmese music in Western notation. These are from an old Burmese government publication, now long out of print.

Explorations:     These are short multimedia discussions on topics in Ethnomusicology

An Introduction to Gagaku, Japanese Court Music and Dance, and its Origins

Questions about ancient Jewish music: The 16th Century Judentanz of Hans Neusidler

An article of mine on the doina, the Romanian traditional love song form, par excellence. I have also included a analytical list of various doine types here. This has not been published elsewhere.

An illustrated discussion of the Far Eastern roots of the Malagasy valiha and of the bamboo connection to bridged zithers like the cheng, kayagum and koto

Brief biographical information page on my field research in ethnomusicology with pictures from my travels.

The Mexican Artist, Alfredo Arreguin

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