Robert Garfias - Original Field Recordings

I may never complete this. There is just too much to do. As time permits I intend to put up all of my own field recordings and as much of the 64,000 feet of ethnographic film as I can manage to synch and digitize. Over the years I tired of dealing with various record companies under which I had hopes of releasing this material. It is too valuable to keep hidden away and so I would like to share it with all interested individuals. Recently two new opportunities have come up. My African field recordings are being released gradually the with all profits going back to the artists. A similar cooperation is taking place with MuseumFire recordings which began with a release of my South Indian Nathamuni Band and with hopes to continue with the release of all of my Burmese recordings.

A great many of the people recorded and filmed here are no longer living. This makes it all more important that people know about this material. If any artist or any living relative of one of the artists objects to the appearance of their material here please inform me and I will remove it. There is no profit motive here whatsoever, only the dissemination of important historic ethnographic and artistic material.

My field recordings date from late 1950s until the Turkish recordings in the 1990s. The recordings are from Burma, Romania, The Philippines, Turkey, Korea, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and in addition smaller collections of recordings from Spain, Mexico, Central America, India, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand and probably others as they occur to me. The films are primarily from Korea and the Philippines but there are a great number of of other films including the large number of Blues films currently released by Shanachie, without acknowledgement of the fact that they were my films originally.


    Mexico 1964

    Korea 1966

    Philippines 1966

    Spain 1968

    Zimbabwe 1971
    Burma 1973-74

    India 1973
    Romania 1977
    Turkey 1991,1994.1996

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Films included are from:


    Robert Garfias