Recordings of Philippine music made in 1966

Robert Garfias



Under the auspices of a grant from the JRD 3rd Fund for the purpose of establishing national folk music and dance archives in the Republic of the Philippines and also in the Republic of Korea, with the assistance of a graduate student, Harold "Bud" Schultz, I traveled throughout the Philippines making recordings and films of the traditional dance and music of the country.

There are hundreds of these recordings from all over the Philippines. Virtually none of them has ever been made available before in any form due to the complications, restrictions and vagaries of recording companies.I am here puttng all of these recordings o line and soon to add the films in streaming media as well. This is a small beginning.


Original recordings are archived at the Ethnomusicology Archives University of Washington.

Ibaloy People

Bokod, Mountain Province, Northern Luzon


Tinguian People

Albualan and San Juan Abra, Abra, Nothern Luzon

Ilocano People


 Laoag, Paoay, Vintar and Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Luzon


The village of Sagada-Bontoc, Central Mountan Province, Luzon.


Zamboanga, Western Mindanao, Sulu Islands

Various communities around the western edge of Mindanano.


Yakan, Sulu Islands

Yakan Peoples recorded near Lamitan on Basilan Island


Bajau Peoples, Sulu Islands

Recorded in the the village of Little Taluksagay.

Jolo Island and Manubul Island, Sulu Islands


Recordings from the Central Sulu Archipelago

Tirurai Peoples,  Kiga, Upi, Cotabato Province, Mindanao.


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