Selected publications


Gagaku: A Contemporary View,Today's Japan. 1960

The Sacred Mikagura Ritual of the Japanese Court 1965

The Role of Dreams and Spirit Possession in the Mbira Dza Vadzimu Music of the Shona People of Zimbabwe 1979

The Romanian Doina 1980

Survival of Turkish Characteristics in Romanian Musica Lautareasca 1981

The Marimba of Mexico and Central America 1983

Dance Among the Urban Gypsies of Romania 1984

The Okinawan Kunkunshi Notation System and its Role in the Dissemination of the Shuri Court Tradition in Asian Music. 1993/1994

The Burmese Piano Music of U Ko Ko, 1995

Studying Cultural Change through Music” in ユーラシアと日本の交流に関する総合的研究(comprehensive Study concerning cultural flow of /between Japan and Eurasia) of 人間文化研究機構連携研究 シンポジウム. The symposium on Human Culture research organization cooperation conference. 44-52, 67-72. Symposium Publication Project. Museum of Ethnology,Japan 2007

Public Policy Paper: Cultural Diversity and the Arts in America 1989


Music of a Thousand Autumns. 1975.
The University of California Press, having no interest in republishing this book gave me permission to post it on my website. One advantage is that I can now insert where possible color photos in place of the original black and whites.

Music: The Cultural Context. 2004.
Published by the Japanese National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) this book is not widely available so I am posting it here.

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