Politics in Germany: The Online Edition

Russell J. Dalton, UC Irvine

Web Links

YouTube photo montage of Germany with national anthem (in German) (4:27min)
Map of Germany and its Laender

1. The Legacy of German History
YouTube video of Hitler at 1935 Nazi Party Congress (2:22min)
YouTube video on beginning of Hitler's rise to power (9:09min)
YouTube video on Nazi policy of military expansion (6:54min)
YouTube video of a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp on the outskirts of Munich (1:56min)
YouTube video on the Fall of Berlin in May 1945 (5:47min)
YouTube video on the 1948 Berlin Airlift (10:11min)

Hitler's Mein Kampf available online
Visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum online
Visit an online library for the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

2. The Institutions of Governance
YouTube video of young comedian visiting the Bundestag (in German) (2:51 min)
YouTube video on openning of Berlin Wall (2:55min)
YouTube video of Angela Merkel on the economy (in German) (2:19min)

Online copy of the Basic Law (the first 20 Articles are the German Bill of Rights)
Visit the German Bundestag online
Visit the German Federal Government online
Visit the German Federal President online

3. The Social and Economic Context
YouTube video on openning of Berlin Wall (2:55min)
YouTube video on German unification (7:06min)
YouTube video on German immigrants (5:14min)

4. Changing Political Cultures
YouTube video of U.S. image of postwar Germany; from "Why we Fight" series of U.S. propaganda films (10:00min)
YouTube video of President J. F. Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech (4:41min)
YouTube images of East Germany to music of GDR national anthem (2:59min)
YouTube trailer from the film, Goodbye Lenin (2:10min)
YouTube video from Greenpeace Germany to save the whales (1:19min)

5. Political Learning
YouTube video on GDR propaganda film (4:00 min)
YouTube video of a Jugenendweihe
YouTube trailer for the film The Lives of Others
YouTube 1943 Disney cartoon on Nazi socialization of youthEducation for Death

List of German Newspapers available online
Visit the Deutsche Welle homepage
Visit Deutche Welle news videos “on demand”

6. Participation in Politics
YouTube video of Schroeder speaking at the end of the 2005 campaign (in German) (8:42 min)
YouTube video of citizen action group protesting plans for a new runway at Frankfurt airport (3:41 min)
YouTube video of protests outside G8 summit

7. Political Interests
YouTube video of IG Metall warning strike in March 2007 (auf Deutsch)
YouTube video of Greenpeace protest against use of light bulbs (1:13 min)

8. The Party System and Electoral Politics
Videoblogger interviews Chancellor Merkel (9:30)
YouTube video of Schröder TV spot in 2002 election (1:01)
FDP campaign ad on second vote
YouTube collection of German election videos

9. The Policy Process
YouTube video of Bundestag debate on Lisbon treat (in German with subtitles) (2:39min)

10. Public Policy Outputs
YouTube video news report on unification 17 years later (3:25 min)
YouTube video news report on solar energy systems in Germany (3:59 min)
YouTube video on business subsidy programs in the EU (3:00min)
YouTube video of news commentary on Germany's term as EU President (7:00min)

Other Interesting Videos on Germany
YouTube 2009 anniversary of fall of Berlin wall with dominos (4:49 min)
CSPAN video of Angela Merkl's 2009 address to US Congress
YouTube video of President Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech in Berlin (3:56min)
YouTube video clip from the movie "Downfall" (4:29min)
YouTube video of debate between Willy Brandt and Helmut Kohl (in German) (1:38min)
YouTube video of Berlitz ad on learning English (0:40min)
YouTube video of German comic appearing in England (4:05min)
YouTube video of beer in Germany (4:22min)
YouTube video of Donald Duck in anti-Nazi cartoon from 1943 (7:42min)
YouTube video of Disney propaganda cartoon on Nazi education of children (10:00min)
YouTube US propaganda film on post WWII occupation (10:40min)

For additional information on German politics see Politics in Germany Website, UC Irvine.

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