Winter 2014 Seminar: Measurement Theory (with Louis Narens)

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1.      2005, Review of Paul Pietroski Events and Semantic Architecture, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews [Paper]

2.      2004, Entries for Keith Donnellan, Zelig Harris, Jerrold Katz, Terence Parsons, Brian Skyrms, Zeno Vendler. Dictionary of American Philosophers. Thommes Press. [Entries]

3.      2002, “Review of David Cockburn, An introduction to the philosophy of mind”, Philosophy in Review, Vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 108-110. [Paper]

4.      2002, “Review of Paul Grice, Aspects of Reason”, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 80:3, 381 – 383. [Paper]

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Measurement Theory (with Louis Narens)

Scientific Inference

Foundations of Measurement


Unobserved Structure

Philosophy of Linguistics

Probability and Statistics (Econ 15A-B)

Effective Processes and Incompleteness (LPS 105C, 205C/ Phil 105C, 205C)


Inductive Logic (LPS 31/ Phil 31)

Philosophy of Psychology



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