People 2015

Back row from left to right: Alexis Craig, Alex Wang, Michael Beyeler, Feng Rong, Timo Oess, Saideep Gupta.
Front row from left to right: Emily Rounds, Steve Doubleday, Jeffrey Krichmar, Ting-Shuo Chou, Nikil Dutt.


Jeffrey Krichmar
Professor of Cognitive Sciences & Computer Science

Nikil Dutt
Professor of Computer Science & Cognitive Sciences

PhD Students

Alexis Craig ICArUS
Cognitive Sciences (5th year)

Game Theory. Theory of Mind. Adaptive Learning.

Emily Rounds
Cognitive Sciences (5th year)

Learning and Memory. Spatial Navigation. Evolutionary Algorithms.

Georgina Lean
Cognitive Neuroscience (2nd year)

Neuroanatomy. Visual Processing.

Hirak Jyoti Kashyap CARLsim
Computer Science (1st year)

High-Performance Computing. Machine Learning.

Michael Beyeler CARLsim ABR
Computer Science (4th year)

Visual Motion Processing. Spiking Neural Networks. Neurorobotics.

Steve Doubleday
Inst. Mathem. Behav. Sci. (4th year)

Simulated Action in Rats. Problem-Solving.

Tiffany Hwu ABR
Cognitive Sciences (2nd year)

Spatial Navigation. Robotic Navigation. Decision Making.

Assistant Project Scientists

Feng Rong
PhD Neuroscience & Cognitive Science

Ting-Shuo Chou CARLsim
PhD Computer Science

Neurorobotics. Socially Assistive Robotics. Reinforcement Learning.

Undergraduate Researchers

Alex Wang ABR
Mechanical Engineering


Saideep Gupta CARLsim
Computer Science

Spiking Neural Networks. Parallel Programming.

Stanislav Listopad CARLsim
Computer Science Engineering

Spiking Neural Networks. Evolutionary Algorithms.

Visiting Scientists

Philippe Gaussier
Prof. of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Université Cergy Pontoise, France

Cognitive Modeling. Neurorobotics.

Timo Oess
MS Student of Computer Science
TU Munich, Germany

Spatial Navigation. Neurorobotics. Computational Modeling.


Andrew Zaldivar (PhD student)
Brian Cox (Lab Engineer)
Grant Vousden-Dishington (Undergrad researcher)
James Benvenuto (PhD student)

Jayram Moorkanikara Nageswaran (PhD student)
Kristofor Carlson (Postdoc)
Liam Bucci (Lab Engineer)
Micah Richert (Postdoc)
Mike Avery (PhD student)
Nicolas Oros (Postdoc)
Ting-Shuo Chou (PhD student)


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