Matthew Harding Publications

Econometrics and Machine Learning:

Big Data | Deep Learning | Choice Models | Quantiles | Bayesian Nonparametrics | RMT

  1. “Managers vs. Machines: Do Algorithms Replicate Human Intuition”, with G. Vasconcelos, 2020.
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Food and Nutrition | Mortality | Crime

  1. “Emotional Eating in Adults: The role of Socio-Demographics, Lifestyle Behaviors, and Self-Regulation- Findings from a US National Study”, with R. Barak, K. Shuval, Q Li, R Oetjen, J. Drope, A. Yaroch, B. Fennis, submitted, 2020.
  2. “Heterogeneity in the Effects of Food Vouchers on Nutrition Among Low-Income Adults: A Quantile Regression Analysis”, with J. White, G. Vasoncelos, M. Carroll, C. Gardner, S. Basu, H. Seligman, American Journal of Health Promotion, 2020.
  3. “Evaluating a USDA pilot program to incentivize the purchase of fresh produce among SNAP beneficiaries in supermarkets”, with P. Rummo, D. Noriega, A. Parret, O. Hesterman and B. Elbel, Health Affairs, 2019.
  4. “The Sales Impact of Featuring Healthy Foods, Indulgent Foods, or Both: Findings from a Large-Scale Retail Field Study”, with G. Fitzsimons and P. Liu, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2018.
  5. “The intergenerational transmission of obesity: The role of time preferences and self-control”, with Michal Stoklosa, Kerem Shuval, Jeffrey Drope, Rusty Tchernis, Mark Pachucki, Amy Yaroch, Economics and Human Biology, 28, 92-106, 2018.
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Environment and Energy:

Dynamic Pricing | Behavioral Nudges | Environmental Justice

  1. “Economic Benefits and Environmental Costs of Time of Use Pricing”, with K. Kettler and C. Lamarche, working paper, 2020.
  2. “Does Absolution Promote Sin? A Conservationist’s Dilemma”, with D. Rapson, Environmental and Resource Economics, 2019.
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  9. “Split Incentives in Residential Energy Consumption”, with K. Gillingham and D. Rapson, Energy Journal, 33(2): 37-62, 2012.

Book chapters and other works:

  1. “Big Data in Economics”, with J. Hersh, IZA World of Labor, 2018.
  2. “Good Data Public Policies”, in The Future of Data-Driven Innovation, US Chamber of Commerce, 2014.
  3. “Enforcing Regulation: The Impact of Violating Drinking Water Standards on Infant Health at Birth in the US”, SIEPR Stanford University, 2013.
  4. “Agreement beyond Polarization: Spectral Network Analysis of Congressional Roll Call Votes”, working paper, 2008.
  5. “Endogenous and Schumpeterian Growth (Chapter 14)”, Carlin, W., D. Soskice, and M. Harding in Macroeconomics: Imperfections, Institutions and Policies, OUP, 2006.
  6. “Exogenous Growth Theory (Chapter 13)”, Carlin, W., D. Soskice, and M. Harding in Macroeconomics: Imperfections, Institutions and Policies, OUP, 2006.