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Selected Publications


Comparative Regionalism  ed. (Routledge, 2014).


Sanctions, Statecraft, and Nuclear Proliferation  ed. (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2012).


Nuclear Logics: Contrasting Paths in East Asia and the Middle East  (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2007).*

*2008 Winner of the American Political Science Association's Woodrow Wilson Award for best book on government, politics, or international affairs.

*2008 Co-Winner of the Jervis-Schroeder Prize for best book on international history and politics.


Regional Orders at Century's Dawn: Global and Domestic Influences on Grand Strategy.  (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1998). 


Industrial Policy, Technology, and International Bargaining: Designing Nuclear Industries in Argentina and Brazil.  (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 1996).


Etel Solingen, ed., Scientists and the State: Domestic Structures and the International Context  (Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press, 1994). 


Selected Articles and Book Chapters


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Etel L. Solingen

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