Consulting Work

Organization of and speeches in four "China Familiarization Seminars" for the Westinghouse Electric Corporation on behalf of the Asian Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh, 1980 81.

Spoke on Chinese domestic trade at conference for local business community, University of Pittsburgh, November 1980.

Collaborated with the Pittsburgh District Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce in organizing a one day seminar on "Hong Kong and Taiwan: Trade and Investment Opportunities The Impact of the PRC's Claims of 'Sovereignty'" for local business community, October 1983.

Speech on Chinese domestic trade reforms at one day seminar for local business community, in collaboration with University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business, "Prospects and Pitfalls of Doing Business in the People's Republic of China," June 1984.

Talk on Reforms in Wuhan at U.S. Department of State Conference on "China's Modernization Strategy and Evolving Center regional and Inter regional Relations," July 11, 1985.

Talk on recent Chinese economic reform at panel on industrial reform at a seminar for business people, entitled, "China Update: The Four Modernizations." Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, April 28, 1986.

Report prepared for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Country Operations Department, China Department, Asia

Region, entitled, "Reforms in the Domestic Distribution System for Manufactured Products in China, 1986 87," April 1988.

Consultant for the World Bank project on "China: Market Regulation and Development," January October 1993.

Consultant to Henry Luce Foundation-funded workshop on "Workers and Wives: Women, Migration and Labor in Sichuan," East-West Center, Honolulu, February 1-5, 1994.

Consultant for World Bank project on "Decentralization in China," May-October 1994

Core Group Member, project on "The Growth of East Asia and its Impact on Human Rights: a Multiyear International Dialogue," organized by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, 1994-96.

Study guide for Public Broadcasting System video, "To Have and Have Not," June 2003.

"Beijing Keeps Lid on Simmering Discontent," invited sydicated column for "Project Syndicate."

Consulted by National Public Radio, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Economist, Los Angeles Times, and Orange County Register, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal USA Today, Bloomberg News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Voice of America, KBPK-FM, The Guardian.

Member, Executive Board, China Labor Watch, 2010--