Nicole Gage, Ph.D.

Assistant Researcher

Director, Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab

(949) 824-1297




1999               First Award, Ralph Waldo Gerard Prize for                       University of California, Irvine

                        Excellence in the History of Neurosciences


1999               Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award                                          Association of Women in Science


1999               Pre-Doctoral Summer Fellowship                                       University of California, Irvine


2000               Commended Paper:  “Carl Wernicke’s                              International Society for the

                        Contribution to Theories of Conceptual                              History of Neurosciences

Representation in the Cortex”


2000               Order of Merit – Outstanding Graduate Scholarship        University of California, Irvine

            Honorable Mention                                                               School of Social Sciences


2000               Grant in Aid of Research Award                                         Sigma Xi, Scientific Res. Society


2001               Nomination for Membership                                                Sigma Xi, Scientific Res. Society


2001-03         M.I.N.D. Institute Scholar                                                      M.I.N.D. Institute, UC Davis


Selected peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order)


1.  Gage, N., Poeppel, D., Roberts, T.P.L., & Hickok, G.  (1998).  Auditory evoked M100 reflects onset acoustics of speech sounds.  Brain Research, 814, 236-239.


2.  Gage, N., & Roberts, T. P. L. (2000). Temporal integration: Reflections in the M100 of the auditory evoked field. Neuroreport, 11, (12) 2723-6.


3.  Roberts, T. P. L., Gage, N., Ferrari, P., Rowley, H., & Siegel, B. (2000). Stimulus dependence of the M100 latency in the age range 11-18 years. Proceedings, 11th International Conference on Biomagnetism, Helsinki, Finland, 049b.


4.  Gage, N. & Hickok, G. (2001). Carl Wernicke’s contribution to theories of conceptual representation in the cerebral cortex. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, 10(2), 246.


5.  Szymanski, M. D., Perry, D. W., Gage, N. M., Rowley, H. A., Walker, J., Berger, M. S., & Roberts, T. P. L. (2001). Magnetic source imaging of late-evoked field responses to vowels: an assessment of hemispheric dominance for language. Journal of Neurosurgery, 94, 445-453.


6.  McBride, D. M., Dosher, B. A., & Gage, N. (2001). A comparison of forgetting for conscious and automatic memory processes for word fragment completion tasks. Journal of Memory and Language, 45, 585-615.


7.  Gage, N., Roberts, T., & Hickok, G. (2002).  Hemispheric Asymmetries in Auditory Evoked Neuromagnetic Fields in Response to Place of Articulation Contrasts.  Cognitive Brain Research, 14, 303-306.


8.  Gage, N.M., Siegel, B., & Roberts, T.P.L. (2003). Cortical Auditory System Maturational Abnormalities in Children with Autism Disorder: An MEG Investigation. Developmental Brain Research, 144, 201-209


9.  Gage, N. M., Siegel, B., Callen, M., & Roberts, T. P. L. (2003). Cortical Processing of Sounds in Autism: A Preliminary MEG Investigation. Neuroreport, 14, (16) 2047-2051.


10. Roberts, T.P.L., Flagg, E.J., & Gage, N.M. (2004). Vowel categorization induces departure of M100 latency from acoustic prediction. NeuroReport


11. Gage, N. & Hickok, G. (2005). Multiregional cell assemblies, temporal binding, and the representation of conceptual knowledge in cortex: A modern theory by a “classical” neurologist, Carl Wernicke. Cortex.


12. Gage, N.M., Isenberg, A.L., Fillmore, P., Smith, M., Filipek, P., Mays, L., Osann, K., Flodman, P., Zeng, F-G., & Spence, M.A. (In review  2005). Novel brain component in autism revealed by MEG. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.


13. Gage, N.M., Roberts, T.P.L., & Hickok, G. (in review 2005). Temporal Resolution Properties of Human Auditory Cortex: Reflections in the Neuromagnetic Auditory Evoked M100 Component. Cognitive Brain Research



Research Support


Ongoing Support


NIH / NICHD     R21 HD 35458  (PI: Gage)                                                                   12/1/2004-11/30/2006

The Neurobiology of Auditory Perception in Autism

R21 Explorative/Innovative grant to investigate the neurobiology of sound processing from periphery to brain in children with autism.


National Alliance for Autism Research (PI: Gage)                                                        7/1/2003- 12/30/2005

“MEG Investigations of Cortical Auditory Processing in Children with Autism Disorder” Investigate auditory and speech perceptual processes in children with autism disorder using psychophysical and MEG methods. 

Completed Support


Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (M.I.N.D.) Institute

University of California, Davis         (PI: Gage)                                                              7/1/2001- 6/30/2003

“The Neurobiology of Speech and Language Processing in Autism: An  MEG Investigation” Investigate the neural correlates of early sensory and later linguistic cortical processes in children with a diagnosis of autism disorder and age matched typically developing controls.


National Alliance for Autism Research (Co-Inv)                                                            7/1/2001- 6/30/2003

“Neural Correlates of Phonological Processing in Autism: An MEG Investigation” Investigate perceptual acuity and neural correlates of speech discrimination processes in children with autism disorder and age matched controls. 


Other Experience and Professional Memberships


Acoustical Society of America

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

International Society for Autism Research

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Society for Neuroscience


Reviewer for Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroscience Letters, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Brain Research, Cognitive Brain Research, Clinical Neurophysiology


Grant Reviewer, National Alliance for Autism Research