Message from the Dean

The School of Social Sciences at UC Irvine has achieved national prominence and top rankings for its outside-the-box methodological and theoretical advances. The school maintains a tradition of excellence in building robust measures, innovative models, and powerful methodologies for understanding the human condition in a diverse and digital age.

Almost 50 years ago, the school’s founders had a vision to bring together scholars whose different approaches—from quantitative to qualitative, formal to interpretative—tackled fundamental research questions and pressing social problems.

Today, the UC Irvine School of Social Sciences is forging connections to computer science, engineering, the arts and the humanities. Interdisciplinary connections to law, medicine and environmental science help researchers and policy makers understand the social, cultural and psychological factors impacting regulation and policy adoption, health and human behavior. Social scientists at UC Irvine explore how human and environmental interaction impact climate, energy and ecology.

The School of Social Sciences is big—the largest academic unit on campus, it has over 5,000 students and awards 40% of all UCI degrees each year. It houses some of the most popular majors in campus, including psychology, business economics and international studies.

It also enhances undergraduate education with hands-on experience in labs, seminars and award-winning programs like Mock Trial, Global Connect and the Summer Academic Enrichment Program.

The school is intellectually diverse, with six core doctoral programs ranging from logic and philosophy of science, ranked number one in the field, to economics, recognized for its impactful scholarship. These departments, like the others, boast members of prestigious national academies on the faculty.

The school’s openness to new approaches and unexpected collaborations has kept it nimble and at the cutting-edge in a number fields as different as transportation economics and cultural anthropology, the philosophy of physics and biology, and the sociology of mass movements. Its faculty, graduate students and undergraduates are discovering new connections every day.

Multidisciplinary in scope and open to unexpected explorations—from cognitive robotics to social computing, from behavioral economics to the physics of financial models—research in the social sciences at UC Irvine encompasses all of humanity’s increasing diversity and makes a difference in our everyday lives.

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Bill Maurer
Dean, School of Social Sciences