Coming out undocumented: How much of a political effect has the movement had?

Louis DeSipio, Chicano/Latino studies and political science associate professor, is featured on Southern California Public Radio March 15, 2012

From Southern California Public Radio:
It's been two years since a group of young people in Chicago made official a movement that had been slowly growing among undocumented students, holding a "coming out" day at a local park to go public with their undocumented status as a political act.... This is true, said Louis DiSipio, an immigration expert and political science professor at UC Irvine. There is a safety-in-numbers aspect to coming out for undocumented students and graduates involved in the movement, and to date, most of those involved have been supported and protected by their peers if they face deportation. "By coming out, they are asserting their right to protest, but it also makes it harder for the Obama administration or local authorities acting under the Department of Homeland Security to arrest those students," DiSipio said by in a phone interview.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012